Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Will Be Held Accountable for How We Treat Our Families

"We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God."

Through the scriptures and through modern-day Prophets,
the Lord has taught us the way to live "after the manner of happiness".

The way is to follow Christ's example,
to love and treat each other tenderly,
especially within our families.

During our day-to-day interactions,
we each might benefit from small reminders,
like the ones pictured here.

Why not put your reminders in places you'll see
when you might need them when you are
crawling around picking up bits of toys for the 100th time,
or when you are doing laundry
or choosing what to watch on TV or the internet?

I love these outlet covers,
because besides being nice to look at,
they are very functional!

Here's how I made these decorative outlet covers:

First, I created my designs online, using a free service called Wordle.

Just enter the words that you want
and see what it comes up with.
Or if you are very crafty/artsy,
draw or paper craft your own designs.

(If you are interested in using the design above for
"manner of happiness", I saved it here.)

Trim your design to fit your piece of wood by tracing and cutting to fit.
I used plain wood pieces measuring about 5x6 inches.
That way it covers the entire outlet.

I decoupaged the design to the wood.

Then using a glue gun, I applied hot glue to a plastic outlet cover already in the wall.
Working quickly, I placed the wood onto the plastic cover,
sizing it up to make sure it was straight and even.

Wait a minute for the glue to dry/harden...and voila!

I love our little reminders...

And you will be very pleased
when your outlet cover comes off without a struggle
(but still too difficult for a small child to remove.)

For some very cool examples of how to do this project
up right, check out Whimsy-Girl.


  1. simply amazing, all the great ideas you are sharing...

  2. Neato! Love this idea.

    The Damsel in Dis Dress

  3. VERY CUTE IDEA!! I would've never thought of that. Super cool idea.