Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Mother's Mantra: Nurture

"Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children."

I can think of a thousand words to describe
the great and sacred responsibilities
rolled up in the job of Mother.

It's interesting that the Lord chooses just one:

The Proclamation goes on to say that
"In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed."

For today's project, I created a "Mother's Nurture Bag".

It's patterned after a no-sew make-up bag that I saw online yesterday.
Their pattern is easy enough for an eight-year-old child to make,
using fabric glue. I chose to sew mine and add a few personal details,
but it's still very easy to make.

Here's how I did it, if you'd like to make one of your own!

Cut a piece of sturdy material measuring 14 x8 inches.
Then cut it into two pieces measuring 9 x 8 and 5 x 8.
Place right sides of the fabric together and sew along the bottom/8 inch side.

Fold over the edges and iron to create a finished edge.
Sew all the way around your piece.

Using a complimentary fabric, cut a 13.5 x 7.5 inch piece.
Fold, iron, and sew around to create a finished edge on this piece as well.

Then place the wrong sides of the fabric together and pin.
Sew across both 8 inch sides.

Now fold your project from the bottom up to create the pouch.
Carefully sew along the sides to enclose the bag and attach the rest of the liner.

To keep things easy, I used velcro for the enclosure,
but I sewed a decorative button on the front.

(Note: If you are beyond my remedial sewing level,
you can also combine these steps and sew it all together at once to avoid extra stitches.)

I love the liner fabric,
but I decided that my bag needed a little something extra...

So, I hand-stitched the word "nurture" where only I would see it.

And my basic make-up bag suddenly became my "Mommy's Nurture Bag".

I filled the pouch with things that I typically use to nurture my little ones:
band-aids and Neosporin for my boy,
lip gloss for my little girl,
and some mini-love notes (made by my sister).

Maybe your bag will also contain:
a small sewing kit, tissues, candy,
and more items to nurture yourself as well.

Tuck this in your bag and you're good to go.
You never know when your superhero Mother-skills
will be called upon to save the day.

("Is there a Mother in the house?")

And now, I'm going to do something really nutty, because I'm just crazy like that.

I am officially challenging my sister Dawn, my mother Susan, and my SIL Hillary to a

Here are the rules for the Smack-Down:

1. Sew three different projects.
The projects can be new or ones you've already started,
but not one you've already finished.

2. Post a tutorial for each on your blog on the due date.
The projects are due on these three Mondays: Feb 1, 8, and 22.

3. I'll post photos and links to all three of the projects on the same day.

4. The project that receives the most votes is the Smack-Down Winner,
and will earn herself bragging rights within the family.

(I know that by challenging some very awesome seamstresses,
I am just asking for a Smack-Down...but I already told you, I'm just crazy like that.)

The gauntlet has been thrown...will they accept???

(Ha! In a post about "nurturing" I just used the word "Smack-down"!
Life is so full of inconsistencies! I'm still working on mine...)



  1. Is this b/c I am now a seamstress now? haha. And tutorials...ugh..that is putting alot of pressure onthings. haha. Adelle and I were working on something on Sunday...and I thought about tutorializing it...but as you go! haha

  2. Yes, this IS because you are a seamstress in always have been though! Do you accept? (And no fair sewing left-handed just to give me a fair shot!)

  3. sounds ambitious...I hardly ever touch my sewing machine anymore. You could make this a grandmother bag too. I know my son Daniel is always amazed when I have a bandaid in my purse when we are at church and one of the grandkiddies needs something...

  4. SUPER cute project! By the way, your sewing skills are not REMEDIAL!! CRAZY GIRL!

  5. YEAH, I need to accept b/c I heard that the prize was a new computerzied sewing machine! aren't giving me much time as there is no school on Friday to get this done!

  6. I don't think I can accept - even though I would like too!! - I don't have a sewing maching... :(

  7. Great Project the fabrics are great,Woderful idea.

  8. Love this idea, Jocelyn!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

  9. So cute! Love it! I really need to be more crafty. My band-aids are just shoved in my purse pocket.

  10. that's really cute, band-aids can be an instant healer in themselves because of their designs, etc., but kept in something like that would take it to a whole new level!