Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan

"Marriage between a man and woman is essential to His eternal plan."

This was a fun project to make...and play with.

I saw the idea with instructions on this DIY wedding site.
Theirs turned out really cute.

I used actual peg dolls that I ordered online, so mine turned out slightly different.
I also painted on the suit instead of sewing one.

Guy was excited about his "pirate" (See the eye-patch?).

I am planning to make a set of peg doll super-heroes shown on Muffin Tin Mom.

...But Husbands & Wives/Moms & Dads
who honor their wedding vows ARE super-heroes in my book!

(For brief and sage advice for having a happy marriage
please read this post from one of my favorite bloggers: That Girl rocks!)

Now for the results of the
Blog Giveaway.
I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated.

You commented,
shared your love of the family,
and gave to help the people of Haiti!
I really enjoyed getting to know you better!

Now, here are the WINNERS!

My new blog friend, Marla...

Monica, mother of (almost) 4, who definitely had the most entries...

and Wendy, the desert gardener and mother of two!

If your name was drawn, please contact me with your prize choice and your mailing address!

Also, I posted a little sneak peek of my next big project at the top of my blog:
a fund-raiser for Haiti...I'll be posting more about that tomorrow.


  1. How fun, love the quote about moms and dads being super heroes-they really are...

  2. ooh, congrats to the winners!!! I still want three iron ons for my kids...what does a great big sis need to do to get them??

  3. YEAH! I am excited. I will email you my address. Also, love the dolls. Where did you order them from?

  4. I purchased all of the wood parts for our January crafts from http://www.craftparts.com/

  5. Too cute - and thanks for the shout out!

  6. Oh, it looks like you already answered my question about where you got the wood. Your peg dolls are great.

  7. I love your little couple...and especially the pic of scarlet playing with them...I love your fortune cookie idea.

    I hope you and your little ones are feeling better.