Saturday, January 16, 2010

Children: Love & Serve One Another

"Parents have a sacred teach [children] to love and serve one another..."

What you are looking at is a "Thing-Finder" necklace.

Doesn't it just make you smile?

I saw it on one of my favorite blogs (Chasing Cheerios)
and decided to have the children make one for each other.

Here's how we did it:

First you'll need to get some of those plastic capsules that holds those tiny toys that you get in gum ball machines. Use a corn holder to poke two holes in the lid.

Then string one end of an elastic string through the lid and tie a knot.

Then string with some fun beads.

Then put the other end through the other hole in the lid
and knot together. You can also use a bead for this,
but I wanted to leave more room to store our "things".

Then place your lid on the capsule, and you're good to go!

Now for more on the blog Giveaway:

You can earn an extra entry in the giveaway if you donate any amount of money to the LDS Haiti relief fund at:
or to any other Haiti relief agency.

Please let me know when you do this. Either comment or email me privately.
jocelyn dot christensen at gmail dot com.

While there doesn't seem to be a lot that we (my children and I) can do to help the people of Haiti right now (aside from monetary donations), I am anticipating that there will be more ways for us to help them directly in the months to come.

Because of this, our theme for February will be dedicated to serving others.
Please join us!


  1. I really love your blog and ideas! My sister and I are making french bread and selling it to help raise money for Haiti. It's been fun! When all is said and done we will have raised over $500!!

  2. good ideas, will check out the lds site. thanks

  3. I just found your blog over the weekend from Sugar doodle.....I love the idea of teaching the proclamation "line upon line". With six children ages 12-2 sometimes it gets bit hectic. I definitely looking for more ways to include all ages in our activites! I am looking forward to teaching the procalamtion in a fun way!! Thank you!

  4. I LOVE your tutorials! There are already three that I want to try!