Monday, January 11, 2010

The Sacred Powers of Procreation

"We further declare

that God has commanded

that the sacred powers of procreation

are to be employed only between man and woman,

lawfully wedded as husband and wife."

When we asked the children this morning if they knew how babies were made, we, of course, got blank stares! (They are, after all, only 4, 2, and 1.)
One of them offered up, "You came as babies."
So we used that as a starting point for our brief, but important discussion.

I said that, yes, mommy and daddy started off as babies, just like they did. Now that we are grown-up we can use our bodies to make more babies. Some people use their ability to make babies before they are married, but Heavenly Father wants us to do this only when we are legally married, as husband and wife.
And that was that.

The kids were thrilled with these rag quilt letters--rearranging them to spell different words.

I planned on making the whole alphabet, but ran out of the backing for the time being.

Find out how to make these "rag quilt letters" at Happy Together.
They are very easy to make! I could see an older child helping out with them.


  1. This is so awesome Jocelyn, i love that you are gathering them[your family] everyday to be taught and to learn a lot of important things about family...

    The manual "A Parent's Guide" is a great resource for teaching children about family and procreation.

    You are an inspiring woman, love yah friend!!

  2. I love these fabric letters! I posted a link to this blog on my facebook page. Maybe this will help in spreading these fun ideas! You are inspiring me to get my act together and do something like this for FEB. Needless to say, you are creating a half a years worth of Proclaimation centered FHE's! Awesome!