Sunday, June 6, 2010

Surprising Our Men in 2010

I was all excited earlier this year when I first heard about the project "Surprising Our Men in 2010".

Although the blog associated with it never really took off, the catchy slogan really stuck in my head.
The idea is pretty self-explanatory:  find ways to do random, sweet, and unexpected things for our male counterparts this year.

My husband may or may not have noticed, but I have been trying to do things that I know would make him happy or take specific burdens off of his shoulders.  (Because, let's face it, he does about a million things for me on a daily basis, and it's all too easy for me to focus mainly on the kids!)  

So here's what I've done to surprise my husband:  I've mowed the lawn during the day while the kids raided the snacks, so he would not have to do it after work.  I bought a bunch of plants to landscape part of our yard, because he expressed a desire for it to look finished.  I left a note for him in his car.  I try not to grumble too much when he wants to do a Saturday bike race.  I pick up a treat for him when I am out grocery shopping.  I've started making lunch for him to take to work every day.

Now is the perfect time to start doing things for the men in our lives.
And since the year is halfway over, they'll truly be "surprised"!

So how will we surprise our men in 2010?
Feel free to share your ideas in a comment.


  1. what a challenge and even more so when you are retired and together 24/7. I invited my hubby to come shopping with me yesterday and we actually found something a new lamp for the house to buy. We haven't ever bought a new lamp together and I probably wouldn't have bought it if I had been shopping alone because of the price but he liked it too. I guess trying new things together is a fun idea. Include him in your activities.

  2. I also am home with hubby 24/7. He works from home and I stay at home. I think it is absolutely wonderful to be able to do this. I think it actually makes it more fun and easy to do these little things for him. It's so neat to see the cute smile they get on their face when they are reminded of how much you love them! It makes it that much more rewarding for me!

    Anyway, some of the things I love to do for him:

    *walk up behind him and give him a big hug and kiss, just because.

    *Make a really nice lunch for him, and even set the table nice. (This will be a lot of fun when the kids are back in school. ;) )

    *Send him a card, then when I get the mail, I tell him, "hm...something came for you!" It's so nice to get GOOD mail, ya know!?

  3. LOVE that idea and slogan. And bikers are hot. My hubby mountain bikes on Saturdays. I try not to grumble too much too. It makes him happy.

  4. If all I ever did was keep the house clean, my husband would be a happy man.
    But I HAVE to let it get messy just so he'll appreciate it when it's clean. :D