Monday, June 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

I am sure that there is an awesome picture of me somewhere in a leotard, performing ballet on stage during a church talent show.  But I can't find one right now....ooh, I found it!  Lucky you...

That's me on the right.

When I was a kid, my mother saved her money to send me to ballet lessons...which I begged for!
My teacher's name was "Miss Lily".  She was an older woman, very sweet.  She taught out of her basement and wore fishnet stockings underneath her leotard.

Recently, my 3-year-old daughter has been pirouetting around the house and has asked me for lessons as well.  So I'm going to teach her...myself.  Once she masters the steps that I teach her, she can go study with the Masters.

I asked my 4-year-old son what lessons he would like to have this summer (in addition to ballet).

He immediately began winding up, as if he was swinging an imaginary bat.  
Given his aptitude for baseball, I thought for sure he'd say "baseball lessons".

He wants "hitting pinata lessons".

We'll do that too...but for is our first ballet lesson.

The Five Basic Ballet Positions:

First position 

Second position

Third position

Fourth position

Fifth position

Tomorrow, we'll take on Tap.

I have a feeling they are going to love that!

Now where did I leave my tap shoes...?

What are you teaching your children this summer?


  1. Henry would also like to sign up for Pinata hitting lessons.

  2. Throw a ball lessons for my six year old girl, we totally should have started it sooner!!

    I don't know if you remember me I write over at The Things I Love, but I was chatting with my sister this weekend and she said she read your post under mine over at Or so She Says and that she knows you. Her name is Mandy Hodges {Guidry} anyway totally small world!! Have a great day and good luck with the Ballet Lessons!

  3. I'm not getting overly ambitious, but friendship bracelets are on the list. Ballet sounds fun. I expect to see Guy dancing by next reunion.

  4. Will you teach me pinata lessons too? That is so cute!

  5. How to read music. Lillie has just started violin lessons and Ivy wants to start piano lessons. So I have picked up my flute again and I am going to teach them to read music.

  6. all you ambitious talented young mothers-good for you as an almost 70 year old grandmother who once was a mother of four boys-we did lots of scouting projects, camps and worked on merit badges during the summer. Now I'm writing a book on Nauvoo to introduce our mormon ancestors to my grandkiddies.

  7. that first picture of you & Marissa was when we had the Lorain Ward talent show. I remember putting that entire show together and your Mom put together the program and your Grandma Gladys was the MC of the show. That's when Granpa was Bishop...I had a video of it in the library but someone borrowed it and never returned it back to the library. That was a fun show...ahhhh such great memories...keep them coming.

  8. Sharing your talents with the little ones; a gift and a reward!
    My daughter has been begging me for ballet lessons but my schedule is way too full right now, poor thing.
    Although, I think I can teach pinata hitting because I'm pretty talented in that area ;-)

  9. Oh man. I don't dance. At all.

    But I'm digging the pinata hitting lessons!