Friday, June 4, 2010

Lunchbox Love Giveaway: And A Father's Day Gift Idea

For my 6th wedding anniversary last month, I turned over a new leaf, I gave my husband a nice manly-looking lunch bag and vowed to make him lunch...until death do us part.  

For me, making lunch for him is not about feeding him or doing my wifely duty, it's about showing him that I love him, and reminding him that we care about him here at home while he is away at work.  (If you don't do this on a daily basis...which I didn't until might be a nice Father's Day gift idea!)
Of course, in addition to lunch, I slip a little note in his lunch bag.  

Earlier this year, I discovered these cool Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids.  My kids don't go to school yet, so I have started packing these babies in my husband's lunch box, instead.  "Say Please", started this line of stationery, featuring positive messages, as a counter-culture to the rude sayings that were showing up on children's t-shirts!  They believe, as I do, that positive words can change the world.  It can change your life and how you feel about yourself.  It can change your relationship with your spouse, the mood in your home, and your relationship with your neighbors.  And that is how the world is interaction at a time.

Just so you know, I don't have sponsors on my site.
If I feature a product, it is because I love that product, it makes my family happy, it supports the purpose of my blog, and I think it's worth sharing with all of you!  So, as I was getting ready to talk about these little note cards, I decided to see if Say Please would do a Giveaway...They quickly agreed!

So!  Here you go!

One lucky reader will win Volume 1 and 2 of the Lunchbox Love notes for Kids.

Leave me a comment with a saying that you'd like to see in the Lunchbox Love for Husbands edition.  I'll forward all of your ideas on to the company!

It's that's easy.  Have fun...and Spread the love!
In the meantime, check out their stuff.

One last thing.  I just had to include this.

As I was blogging in my backyard this morning, I noticed some commotion over at my neighbor's house.
Every year, my neighbor Theresa throws a huge end-of-school bash for her children and their friends.

Well, she has certainly outdone herself this year.  I looked over the fence and saw this:
a DUNKING booth!!!  Theresa is a really fun Mom.  She is a big-time coach, and she'll scold your kid just as soon as she'd scold her own.  I'd love to see the note cards she packs in her kids' lunches!
Anyway, she's a great Mom...and I'm glad she's my neighbor.  I just wanted to say that!

(Also, Theresa, we'll be over for the party later!)


  1. Here is my love note for the hubby...

    "Every morning I wake up I know it is going to be a great day, because I know you are by my side as I take each step forward to be greater than what I am."

  2. My hubby and I sign all our notes/ emails with this.

    I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

    Not very original, but it makes us smile =)

  3. great ideas. I remember making lunch for my husband everyday as he worked and also included some notes. now we are both retired and I fix three meals a day for him. It's a challenge to do but important.

  4. I miss you and can't wait for you to come home!

  5. I would put funny and sweet ones in his lunch. Chris always complains that we have to eat so healthy (I have been on a HUGE no processed foods kick) so he is always lauging if he gets soda at work during a lunch meeting or something like that and he is sure to tell me. SO, I would put in his lunch:

    "I'm watching you!"

    "Behave yourself because I will know!"

    I would also put something sweet too like

    "Thanks for taking life's journey with me. I'm so grateful I get to spend eternity with you."

    Then also something a little more fun like

    "Hope you're not too tired for tonight...(Don't worry it's just my BIG honey-do list!)

    By the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Hope I win! Thanks for posting J!

  6. No husband for me, but if I had one, I would put in sweet little compliments about things I love about him.

    I LOVE the kids notes - what a great way to brighten their day!

  7. Very cute notes! I have written my own to Ciara occasionally, but never for Rocky. I guess I should include him!

  8. What a super cool giveaway!

    I think my note would have to be something simple like, "thanks for going to work everyday."

    Or "I love you for loving our family enough to work so hard".

    Or something along those lines.

  9. I love funny quotes. I think something with fill in the blanks would be fun:

    I can't wait for _____.

    I love you because ______.

    Enjoy this _____ because dinner will be at ____.

    Maybe one could say, "I slipped in an extra _____." And you can decide what it is or whether you put an extra something in or not. Maybe it could be that you left the extra thing in the fridge, and it's his favorite dessert.

    Fun stuff! I really like this company!

  10. these are really, really cute!! i'd love a few that are kind of ... well, make him so excited to come home to me at night! "can't wait to snuggle with you tonight" (i'm being family -friendly. lol), etc ...

    "you rock!"

    ~ jannet (

  11. I love the little notes! And it's true, no meal is ever as good as those made by Jocelyn.

    I'll never forget the text that Jocelyn sent me when she thought that we all had swine flu (we really didn't).

    She wrote: "Come home now!"

    Now wouldn't that make a great little card?

  12. "Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch."
    (Orson Welles)

    What a great idea Jocelyn!

  13. 'J' you're so darn cute. I love your blog.

    my saying would be:

    "I married my best-friend"

  14. "Just in case you were wondering, your kids are being adorable right now. Either that or it's just about nap time."

    "Have a great day, handsome."

    I love what you said about the power of being positive. It's so true.

  15. Here goes mine!

    "Thanks for always making my day the best."

    "You are the best cook and i'm glad you are in my life!"

  16. that's it. we need a dunking booth too! we're having an end of the year party of our own. I'll be investigating prices!

    I make my own lunch cards for ken and the kids. They LOVE them. Refuse to thow them out.

    A ready made packet would help me out for sure!

  17. When I put notes in my son's lunch, I regularly remind him of who he is and who loves him (his parents, Earthly and Heavenly). I don't get to make the husband lunch very often since he travels. But he gets notes in his suitcase with scriptures and memories written on them. And I always make sure that the notes are written on odd things, like blank grocery lists and post-its, with brightly colored pens/markers/crayons.

  18. "I'd marry you again tomorrow."

    "Thank you for working so hard."


    "We miss you."

    "Let's make another baby, tonight."

    "Looking forward to eternity together."

  19. Love the comment tags. So cute!

    P.S. I want a neighbor with a dunk tank!

  20. I put a note in every lunch I send out the door. Some are poems about how much I love my kids and some are silly. Often they are reminders to Choose the Right and be the people they truly are inside.

    To my dh? "there is no one on earth I'd rather go through this experience of raising a family with. xoxox"

    :) Hope I win, i would totally use these!

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