Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've Got Something to Say...

I'm guest blogging over at Or So She Says today!

Come on over and say hi...

(A Note:  Our 4th of July Parade will be on the 3rd this if you are local, SAVE THE DATE!)


Also, I just had to show you this sweet bookshelf that my friend Martha passed on to me yesterday!
It's perfect for my little ones' board books, and just look at the sweet Franklin artwork on it.
Thank you, Martha!


  1. great bookcase but it looks untouched by children's hands-too!

  2. these book shelves are so cute...they will sure have lots of fun for many years to come. YEAH!!!!!

  3. I love these book shelves, I've been searching from a cute one for my kids room but I definitely love yourz!