Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Lessons

My husband has taught my children many useful lessons.

I recently started writing them down...for posterity's sake.

Here are some of the most poignant things that my husband has taught my kids:


More accurately, he taught them to eat ants. That's right friends, when my children find an ant on the sidewalk, their normal reaction now is to pop it in their mouth!  Needless to say, in a survival situation, my children will probably never starve.


So, we were enjoying a nice dip in my friend's baby pool on Friday, and my son starts kicking water all over the place.  I ask what he is doing.  He says, "I'm making a tsunami!!"  I ask, first of all, how do you even know what a tsunami is?  "Daddy taught me."  Of course.  Sorry about the slightly disturbing photo, but I'm pretty sure this is what his tsunami looked like to the other toddlers in the pool!


LA6777-001, Barry Yee /Riser

Later that same day, we were eating dinner, and my son attempts to shoot a rubber band using his fingers.  Instead of asking him to put it away until after dinner, my husband say, "hold on, let me show you just how this is done," and he proceeds to give him a tutorial on flicking rubber bands right there at the dinner table.
Proof that there is no time like the present for a genuine teaching moment.

(A side note: Don't let my husband see this...or your husband, for that matter:)

Rubber ban gun

It's a "fully-automatic rubber band machine gun".  The website says that "each machine gun is beautiful hand crafted", holds 144 rubber bands and looks and shoots just like an old western Gatling Gun.  It is billed as "the ultimate weapon in the office rubber band flicking war", but I could see it doing some serious damage on the home front as well.

Like I said, I should've started this list a long time ago, because it just goes on and on:  
how to hammer a nail
tie a knot
throw a frisbee
ride a bike
run a race
roast a marshmallow
build stuff
plant stuff
pick out a Christmas tree
pee "in the wild"
jump on a trampoline
shoot an arrow
slow dance
dig holes
sit still in church
blow the wrapper off a straw
build a birdhouse
lick an ice cream cone
play hide & seek
catch a fish
catch a frog
make a snowman
enjoy a thunderstorm
catch fireflies
wear sunscreen
play the banjo
run in the wind
eat waffles
throw a water balloon
work hard
play hard

Do my kids look happy?  They are.  Thanks to their wonderful, loving Daddy!



  1. What a great idea for a post! What fun memories your kids will have. :)

  2. how sweet, they are also learning other lessons of love and responsibility as they watch their daddy. Interestingly enough they can also learn from dad's that aren't the best or absent from their lives because of divorce to a better dad to their future children.

  3. So Cute! I like that rubber band gun. I might get it to defend myself against his towel whips while he is doing the dishes :)

  4. oh the joy of wind in the hair...or a good run! lots of fun.

  5. Oh so cute! He has the best lessons to teach, what a fun teacher! My husband would love to have a 'rubber band' gun, he's pretty awesome with rubber bands too. Oh geez...

    Your kids are going to get a kick out of those memories!

  6. I wanted you to know that we're doing your activites for the Family Proclamation this summer. My kids are loving it. I posted about it on my blog today... Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Fun memories! your family will enjoy it at my place in the Philippines, lots of ANTS!!! are you?