Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finding Lost Love Letters

I received this in the mail today from my best college buddy Emily.

Apparently, before we all took off for study-abroad and, in my case, an internship in DC, second semester Junior year, our friends wrote us each these wonderful letters.

I must have left town before they were delivered, and Emily, who kept it safe all these years, found it in a box of "files" recently and made sure that it finally made it's way into my hands.

My husband commented that it almost means more to receive these precious words now than it would have then.  These were my best friends...the people who I shared my hopes and dreams with during a most special time of my life...and they with me.  And here are all of their sweet words to me.  When I hold this booklet up in front of my face to read it, it's like looking into a mirror and seeing a younger version of myself smiling back.

What a gift.

Now what was I just saying about positive words having the potential to change the world?

Emily, and all of my dear friends, where ever you each may be at this moment, you have changed my world.

Thank you.  And, I love you.


  1. how sweet, like reading old hs or college yearbooks. fun friends. great you still keep in touch.

  2. What a sweet thing to receive in the mail!

  3. that's lovely. and do you know where all these friends are now? it would be fun to reconnect and have a miniMiami reunion.

  4. Oh what a wonderful surprise that would be to get! The design on the front is gorgeous. I have kept so many of those things from my younger days, but it would be amazing to receive something years later...

  5. Those are great! So nice to make sure you recieved yours after all.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I just started giggling when I found them in the box. xoxo.