Monday, June 21, 2010

DAD - A Father's Day Nursery Present

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This is what our Nursery leaders made for the girls to give to Daddy today for Father's Day.

Can you say cute?

Our ward was split last Sunday...Actually part of our ward was given to another ward--
a pretty big opportunity for everyone in both wards to really stretch ourselves.
Hopefully we'll see lots of growth.

Luckily, our Nursery Leaders stayed in the ward.  They are the best.
My children and I reap the benefits of their love.

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  1. what a cute idea...I don't know if our ward children did anything for their Dads other than sing their two Father's Day songs in Sacrament and they were fabulous.

  2. How cute is that!! I did this with my kids for Father's Day this year. I framed the pictures and he brought them to work to put in his office. I think your kids are adorable!

  3. cool ideas. we are in an adult only branch-it's quiet but I miss the little ones at times then I go and visit Daniel's ward...