Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You be you, she'll be Sister Dew

Two wonderful things happened this evening, and I'm not sure which event I'm more excited about!

First, I received my first email from a reader who would like me to send her a copy of The Book of Mormon!  I am overjoyed to share my favorite book with her!

Second, which to many of you might actually be your first on the list:  I was honored to participate in a meeting with Sheri Dew, Emily Watts (also of Deseret Book) and a dozen of my very favorite bloggers.  

Among other things, we discussed the significance and power of blogging. (Sister Dew called it the new "backyard fence" where ideas are exchanged and things happen as a result!).  

We also heard about the new books that they have coming out including what sounds like a pretty amazing companion study for President Monson's biography called "The Teachings of President Monson".  You can read more about it here and order it here.

If you loved "To the Rescue", which I did, you are going to love this one even more.  It has a very useful index of key doctrinal teachings by President Monson listed alphabetically in the back of the book, making it easy to incorporate his teachings in church lessons, at home, or on your blog.

The meeting took place in Utah, and of course, I was at home in Pennsylvania at the time.  Isn't technology wonderful?

One other thought that Sister Dew shared, that I wanted to pass on to you this evening, is that "The Lord needs all of us."  She suggests that women by and large underestimate the power of their influence.   She said that she is "evidence that God will use anybody," despite short-comings.  

Sister Dew added, "I find myself in many situations where there is no model for what I am doing.  No one has done it before." Each of us is unique, but we each have something to offer.  We should ask ourselves what we have that we can place on the alter for God to use.  Then it is up to each of us to work hard to demonstrate to the Lord that we can be trusted.  Then when he knows that he can trust us, he will use us to do great things, in our homes, in our jobs, with our neighbors and friends, and online.

It was so great to participate in such a candid conversation with such a wise woman/group of women!  Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this meeting for inviting me!

Ok, that's all of the excitement that I have to share with you "over the backyard fence" tonight!  Two wonderful, beautiful experiences!  I will be back tomorrow with some of the best posts from our General Conference link-up and the giveaway winner!


  1. Cool!! And I love your title. I'll be me. :-)

  2. Loved reading this. Thank you for posting!

  3. Wow, way cool! Sheri Dew is amazing!! Thanks for sharing those thoughts from her, always trying to figure out how to better be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

  4. I love this post. The part about placing what we have on the alter and showing we are trustworthy for Heavenly Father really hit me. I have new things to work on- thank you! And btw, what an awesome opportunity to be in on that meeting!

  5. That's awesome, Jocelyn. You are so deserving of being a part of that discussion. I love it.

  6. go girl have so much to share.

  7. Rock on! I heard about this on facebook. Love to hear more!

  8. That is awesome!! I am so happy for all your efforts. You really are cool.=) I wish I lived closer to you so you could be my second mama!

  9. I got the chills when I read this, You are so awesome and such a great example.

  10. Wow! Sounds great. That is neat that they are reaching out to bloggers. And i Love the idea of the "backyard fence"! So fun.

  11. I think it's interesting that we underestimate our influence. That is something I've been thinking about. I can see how my example has been an influence on those around me lately, but it is so easy to discount ourselves, especially when we are at home with our children.

  12. How exciting to be giving a Book of Mormon away so soon, and equally exciting to talk with Sis. Dew! I don't think I would be able to sleep after a day like that!

  13. That's exciting, Jocelyn. I'd love to hear more details!


    PS. Emily Watts is the one I worked with on my book that DB published years ago.

  14. I have to tell you. Love your blog!!! Just great!
    It was nice to discover your blog and you. What a great meeting it was.
    I am following you for some blog love :)
    Keep in touch

  15. A year and month later...I have never met Emily Watts, but her daughter Natalie is a friend of mine. Our husbands teach seminary in the same building. I have always connected to Sheri Dew's way of speaking.