Thursday, September 8, 2011

When the Spirit Speaks...LISTEN

I have some words of wisdom for all of you dear readers this morning:

When the Spirit speaks...LISTEN.

Like, when the Spirit suggests that it might be possible for you to give away copies of the special Book of Mormon edition of the Ensign next month, you should go ahead and get online and order yourself a few.  Come October, you'll be glad you did.

And when, a few minutes later, as you are waiting for your favorite TV show to begin, the spirit whispers, ever so offhandedly, that you might want to plan on giving away a Book of Mormon every day during the month of October...along with that new special edition might as well go ahead and hop onto the LDS Catalog Online and order yourself a few of those too.

I mean...It couldn't hurt, right?

And the next morning, when the spirit tells you that your daughter has been upstairs alone for way too long and that someone should go check on her...JUST LISTEN, ok?   You'll always be glad you did...every. single. time.  I've got to go clean up some hair now.  :(


  1. How inspiring!

    Sorry about the hair... been there, with my kids AND myself :)

  2. I hope she has a real knack for style. Good listening.

    Listening is hard sometimes especially when it takes courage to do so.

  3. Oh boy. I hear ya!

  4. Oh I am so excited to see how much good could potentially come from all of this! Wonderful!

  5. oops, spontaneous haircut? Thanks for inspiration

  6. ooooh noooo ... I've had things I regret like that when I got those promptings .... my furniture still bears marker marks from one of them.

  7. What a great idea, Jocelyn!


    PS. Been there with the hair. ;)

  8. Oh the hair. My cousin cut mine rather terribly when I was little, and then I used to twist my hair in my fingers until it was knotted everywhere, so my mom just cut it really short for a long time, otherwise she'd have to cut out knots and then I'd have weird clumpy hair.

    Learning to listen to the spirit is definitely something that takes practice. And you're right I should just do as it suggests, even if sometimes it doesn't go so well.

  9. Yes sometimes its hard to listen to spirit, especially because is a very subtle voice...At least she cut her hair and not her ear or poke an eye out ;)....That's what my FIL said to me when my oldest did it hehe

  10. Here is a contrast to not listening to the Spirit in 1 Nephi 17:45

    We do need to be sensitive especially when Heavenly Father really wants something accomplished.

  11. Jocelyn,
    YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for your insights and your testimony. I love to read your blog, it always encourages me. I love this post today...first I love it because I teach early morning seminary....we will be having a challenge with the Book of Mormon and the Ensign...oh yeah! And second, so sorry about the hair...since your girls hair isn't very long I am worried for you...When my oldest was 2 1/2 she took scissors to her bangs, yep at the scalp...seriously so ugly! I can say that she is now 28 and is the whole reason I read your will all work out! hugs

  12. I loved your thoughts this morning. I will look forward to giving Book of Mormon's and the Ensign issues away during the month of October. It is a great thing to do in our Inner City Mission.
    Yes, do listen to the spirit. I had a moment with a hair thing too. However, one morning I felt like my teenage daughter had been in the bathroom too long so I knocked on the door. She told me she was doing her hair. I felt like there was more to this; so I waited for her to come out. She had rolled up her skirt so it was very short which was a modesty issue. I was so glad I listened to the spirit that day. We had a good talk about that.
    Blessings to you!

  13. Oh, Jocelyn, you are the best! I hope that the hair damage was fairly minimal... and don't you love having the LDS catalog online? So nice :)