Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unique General Conference Ideas

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Keep your lego-maniac happy with instructions on building their own Lego Temple

Learn how to play General Conference Jenga!

Read one of the best articles I've ever seen on Preparing yourself for Conference!

Download my favorite General Conference Note-taking system...

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to photograph General Conference!
This is sooo cool!

Learn how you can bring your General Conference experience to the world through the church's video project.

Access printables for a General Conference Wall for kids.

Oh and one more...I love this post from Kathy showing the temple softie that she made from the tutorial that I shared inspired by Made by Bedtime Tales's temple softie.  (Find their pattern here.) She made the bride's dress using scraps from her own wedding dress...and I loved seeing these two lovingly working together on something so meaningful!
Beautiful job, Kathy!

If you'd like to see some more awesome ideas/posts check out the General Conference Link-up.  You can still add your posts/ideas through General Conference Weekend!
Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas with all of us!

Now to announce the winner of the temple print giveaway from KMC Photography.

Manti LDS Temple Print chose Abby at A House of...
who shared her General Conference preparations in the Link-up!

Check out the file-folder games she's using with her kids!

Thanks again to KMC Photography and thank you to everyone who share their ideas!

Have a great General Conference Weekend!!


  1. The Lego temple is AWESOME. My Lego loving son is definitely going to be doing this during conference. Thanks for some unique ideas.

  2. oh wow great ideas! Since my children adore, love, and are crazy about coloring I was planning on printing out ties, and having my kids color the ties as each person speaks....and some dresses for the sisters =0)

  3. I'm really looking forward to conference this weekend! Thanks, Jocelyn.


  4. Jocelyn, I NEVER win anything, I'm so excited I'm going to go dance around the house!! :)

  5. Great stuff you have gathered here -- with grandkids getting a little older, well, age 3 -- I get to start trying out some of your ideas! thanks.

  6. Awesome ideas! I am printing right now and we will be pulling out the Legos. You rock. :)

  7. I hope you don't mind...I put a link on my blog to come and check out all your awesome GC prep ideas. I should have asked you first but I know that you like to share. :) You are so amazing!!!!

  8. A lego temple! That's going to be a BIG hit at our house this weekend! :)

  9. I came across your blog by chance this morning. What a find, its going to take me weeks to work through reading all this wonderful stuff!!

    You newest follower on blogger and Facebook !

    Oldham Seminary

  10. Thank you for popping by and visiting our Seminary blog. I'm adding a side bar feed to here, you have such a lot of interesting stuff to read !

    Oldham Seminary
    RJR Daydreamer