Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small and Simple Ways

These are my kids outside of the Palmyra Temple yesterday.

(They weren't really gung-ho about taking a picture. This is the best shot I could get.)

These are my three reasons for everything that I do.

I am sure each of you reading this could make a similar statement.

And I hope that you a journal to your children or somewhere that won't get lost or wiped out by time.  In our family we say, "I love you forever, no matter what."  If I could I'd tattoo that to their foreheads so they'd never forget! :)  But as it is, that's not going to happen, so instead I tell and show them every way that I can, and I write it down in the journals that I keep for each child.

What special things do you do to make sure your children know and feel that you love them?

I'm interested in hearing!


  1. I did my best to make a cozy, loving home for them (when they lived here) and establish fun/meaningful traditions, etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

    The truth is that I was and am crazy about them, and since I'm not good at hiding my feelings, they are and have been very much aware of that. Of course, I still tell them frequently!


  2. Something I picked up from a sweet sister I visit taught 20 yrs ago; I sign letters and cards to my 3 (now adult)children: "Iloveyouthemost".
    We also used to say as they left the house, "Remember who you are!" Now my nonmember D-in-law says it to my son.
    Thank you for such an inspiration blog Jocelyn!

  3. since my children are all grown-it takes more effort to reach out. I try to send emails, keep up with facebook and visit as often as I can...

  4. Oh too cute! I started journals for my boys when they were small and haven't kept up with that. I wish I would have though! I would write down what they did for that day and if they helped me and who we went with if we went anywhere. I still read what I wrote! It's fun to see!

  5. I thought it was Asuncion, Paraguay's Temple. It looks the same. :)
    Love the journal idea.

  6. I've been trying to figure out how to record our lives for a while now. I've never been a great journal writer, scrapbooker, blogger, or anything like that. I take a whole lotta pictures though, and I loved looking through my old pictures at my grandma's house, just plain little picture books. I'm going to make some for my boys with captions and approx. dates on the back. The problem is sorting through the thousands of pictures... I love your journal idea though! It will help them when they are older to just pick up where you left off!

  7. Well, I have my blog and loads and loads of photos. I try and journal, but I just am terrible at it, way to inconsistent.

    I also hope to just create a warm and loving home where my kids love to be. And say I love you TONS.

  8. A very sweet post with an awesome picture and thought. You are doing such a wonderful job of letting your children feel your love and read your words as they are able. I am a journal keeper and I think it is great that you are keeping a journal for your children.
    Blessing to you and keep enjoying those moments!

  9. I started a journal for each of my boys as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I wrote all about how much I loved them even before I knew if they were boy or girl. I continue to write regularly; writing about their accomplishments, their frustrations and always always telling them how much I love them. I've also had my husband write in it and grandparents as well. I hope to give them each their own volume of journals when they're older. It's a very special thing for me just for them.