Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Temple Softie Tutorial

This temple softie set will be a great addition to your child’s room or as a fun sewing project to make together during General Conference weekend.  My temple softie was inspired by the beautifully detailed temple toy by Becca of Made By Bedtime Tales.  
(You can access her original pattern here.)

I made this one about a year and a half ago to use as an alternative craft for Day 12 of my Family Proclamation Lessons (and my kids still adore it!).  As you'll see, my take on the temple softie is simple enough for a beginning sewer or to be made with a child.

In addition to being so sweet and lovely, it allows you to tell the story of your own temple marriage.  The bride and groom tuck right inside the temple and come out to play whenever your child wishes!  It is very quick to sew and will be even more treasured by your children if you allow them to help!  Were your children sealed to you in the temple in a live sealing?  Adapt this temple softie toy to represent your family’s experience in the temple by creating child dolls and pockets to put them in as well.  

(Special thanks to Made by Bedtime Tales for graciously allowing me to share my knock-off version of their cuddly creation.  Please be sure to link back to them when you show off your family's temple softies!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!)

Materials List:
Grey corduroy backing (or your choice) 18x15 inches
3 pieces of quilt batting 18x15 inches each
White satin or cotton front piece 18x15 inches
2 beige (or desired skin color) pieces 3x5 inches
1 grey corduroy piece 3x5 inches
1 white satin or cotton piece 3x5 inches
1 white satin (for veil) 4x4 inches
1 white satin (for pocket) 5x5 inches
Matching thread
Pink ribbon
Erasable marker
Sketch an outline of a familiar temple image (kids can help with this!)

To make this softie temple toy:
1.      Ask your son or daughter to draw an image of the temple to be used as a pattern.
2.      Lay your white front piece of fabric on the table, right side facing up.  Next place your grey corduroy backing on top of that, wrong side facing up.  Then place your three layers of batting on top of that, or enough batting for your desired thickness.  Pin together.
3.      Trace your temple pattern with disappearing marker and sew about an inch outside of your lines, leaving a three-inch opening.
4.      Trim the excess fabric and turn right side out.  Hand sew the opening closed
5.      Next create the bride and groom.  Lay the beige head pieces on the body pieces right sides together.  Sew in a straight line across the top.  Press open.
6.      Fold vertically and sew as shown, leaving a small opening.  Trim and turn right side out.
7.      Special Note:  When sewing the bride, add the “veil” piece before sewing.
8.      Stuff both figures and hand-sew opening shut.
9.      Make a small pink bow, trim, and hand-sew to the bride as shown.
10.  For the Pocket:  Fold under all edges and press.  Then sew it directly to the front of the temple being sure to adjust size to your liking.  Put your happy couple in the pocket and you are finished!

ALSO just in time for General Conference, 
CK of Made by Bedtime Tales has come out with a new installment of her Family Proclamation coloring pages that coincide with The Family Proclamation ABCs.  

She has added letters H through N.

You can download her coloring/activity pages here.

Thanks, CK!!


  1. Jocelyn! Thank you for linking us up! And wow, your temple softie really does look so SOFT!


  2. @CKThank YOU and Becky for sharing your talents and ideas with us! ;)

  3. That is ADORABLE!!! What a great idea and a fun reminder of the Temple.

  4. This is just too cute! I really want to make one! I wonder if it would be too girly for my two boys...hehehehe. Maybe I'll have to make one for friends with a girl! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I love it!

  5. Gasp. I love this! I can't wait to make 1 (or maybe 5!) for my girls. :)

  6. What a clever thing to do...and I like the significance of it, too.


  7. J- I seriously was thinking of this yesterday! Some kind of temple that kids could play with. Great job! Very inspired.

  8. SO Cute! I got the pattern last night and can't wait to get started!