Monday, September 12, 2011

A Family Mission Statement that MAKES a Statement (Blog Hop)

A Mission Statement that MAKES a Statement
©2011 Susan Noyes Anderson

The very fact of having a family mission statement makes a statement all its own, and that statement is one of unity. Establishing and honoring shared goals is an important component of every good team, and family-building is definitely a team sport.

With unity as the focus, it becomes especially important for your family to create its mission statement together. Every member (large or small) should have a seat at the drafting table, or the final product won't mean enough to anyone to fulfill its purpose.

A good mission statement is more than a bunch of words strung together because they sound
noble, nice, or noteworthy. The final product should be the sum of all the ideas and input your family group can brainstorm about itself, pared down to whatever carefully, prayerfully chosen and worded thoughts best represent the whole. 

A good basic format for the family mission statement might be:

Accomplish X by doing Y, in order to become Z.

If this formula appeals to you, here are a few tips for fleshing it into a full-blown statement:

X should be a broad, umbrella type of phrase that sets out an overriding goal for the family.

(Example: To achieve our eternal potential as individuals and family members...)

Y should be four specific ways by which you wish to accomplish that goal.

(Example: "being true to ourselves, our beliefs, and each other," "honoring The Savior and
His sacrifice in all we do," "remembering our purpose on the earth," and "doing all we can to
fulfill that purpose.")

Z should be four qualities you want your family to achieve through these methods.

(Example: ...In this way, we can become more "good," "grateful," "giving," and "godly.")

The entire mission statement, in this case, would read:

"To achieve our eternal potential as individuals and family members by being true to ourselves,
our beliefs, and each other; honoring the Savior and His sacrifice in all we do; remembering our
purpose on the earth; and doing all we can to fulfill that purpose. In this way we can become
more good, more grateful, more giving, and more like our Heavenly Father."

You may want to tweak the language a little bit to make it more pleasing to your ears. For
example, I got tired of the alliteration at the end and decided to change "godly" to "like our
Heavenly Father." (I also felt that the new wording would be more specific, which is always a good
thing when you want to affect behavior.)

In closing, I would suggest that you actively utilize your family mission statement. Don't just call a
family meeting, compose a statement, and move on. Learn those chosen words by memory. Recite
them regularly as a family. Use the mission statement as a measuring stick for family behavior.
Post it where all of you can see it every day and be reminded what your family is about. Live by it!

You'll be glad you did.

My PhotoSue Noyes Anderson loves trees, the ocean, her family, and James Taylor (not necessarily in that order.)  She is California cool, a 60's child at heart, but not afraid to dish out a little Granny wisdom every now and then.  Sue delights readers with her selections of original poetry and musings at her corner of the blogosphere Sue's News, View 'n Muse.  A faithful friend - you'll be hooked after just one post!  So give her a whirl.  (Thank you, Sue!)

Need help getting started on your family mission statement???

Here is a worksheet for you to download with questions to help you create a family mission statement that is truly tailored to your family.  Click the link below to download your own family mission statement questionnaire:  Family Mission Statement Questionnaire

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