Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To Kindergarten...And Beyond!

The first day of Kindergarten is finally here!  And the morning went very well!

Scarlett has been very sweet in helping Guy get ready to embark on his new adventure.  Yesterday, she took the initiative to decorate a napkin to put in Guy's lunch.  Last night, she inspected the clothes we'd laid out for Guy to wear and she told him that thought he'd look very good in them.  Then this morning, she handed Guy a handful of change and told him, "I want you to buy whatever you want with this."  At first blush, I'd say that she is definitely taking her new role as eldest child in the house very seriously!  But in reality, taking care of others is simply part of Scarlett's nature.

I had a little surprise for Guy too, this Lego-man key chain that's also an LED light.  He was thrilled, and got kudos from his buddies at the bus stop.

You'll notice that Care Cub came along for the adventure.  Guy's teacher asked all of her students to bring their favorite stuffed animal on the first day of school, so she must have big plans for them.  Care Cub is wearing his own little dog tag that I sewed on last night, in case he needs help finding his way home again.

Regarding our action-packed day yesterday:  My husband is home on vacation with us, so we are able to do all kinds of things together that I might not normally attempt to squeeze in to one 24-hour time slot.  So don't feel bad if your day didn't look like ours...I've got help!

In fact, Steve is home for one more day so he can be there to experience the beginning of school for our family...and to hold my hand as we do so.  What a good man I have.  He really blesses us with his goodness, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

Thanks, everyone for your kind and thoughtful comments, and for seeing me through a time of transition as a mother.  I have really benefited from your words of wisdom, your understanding comments, and your friendship this summer!  Happy First Day, everybody!


  1. Kindergarten can be a tough day!! I know it was so emotional for me when I finally sent my last little girl off on the bus. Time flies, and she loves it so much!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear the adventures from after school.

  3. I love what Scarlett did. Her kindness really touches me.


  4. it was the first day of school here in iceland yesterday too...amazing!

  5. I loved the pictures; they were priceless. I think your son may have a very special teacher if she is having all the children bring their favorite stuffed animal. I loved the picture of your son and his bear. All this brought back a slew of memories of when my children went to their first day at school.
    Blessings to you and I can tell you are enjoying the moments.

  6. Glad your guy had a great day at school.