Friday, August 26, 2011

to everything there is a season

I've had a fun few days...just me and my girls...doing girl-stuff.

Like painting our nails, shopping for clothes, and watching girly movies.

I think both girls have been nourished by the attention, and I've been enriched by a brief respite from my normal routine of shepherding three kids all over town.  I actually watched 20 minutes of national news yesterday morning!


And today...I worked the middle of the day and painted my nails. 

Double woah.

Soon, we'll get busy again, but for now, I'm feeling good and I think the girls are too.

I received an email from Guy's teacher today in which she described him as a "very sweet, polite, and helpful little boy."  You bet I'm proud!  And guess who went to school with Guy today?  Blankie!!  Guy's teacher lets the kids have one special item from home with them for nap time.  I thought it was just a special thing for the first day only, but apparently they can do it as long as they like.

Guy has long days at school, and soon it'll catch up with him.  So I am glad that he'll have Blankie to snuggle and help him rest in the afternoon.  I have a feeling that he's been blessed with a very special teacher this year.  And I'm so happy for him.


  1. I love that umbrella and its cute little holder.

    And I think I love Guy's teacher, too.


  2. teachers make all the difference and good mothers! You are both!

  3. so when is nap time and for how long?
    Is Scarlett ready for Irene?

  4. I wish my children had had a mother half as good as your children do.