Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Proclamation "Go Fish!"

As I mentioned yesterday, we are gearing up for our second annual Family Proclamation event called CELEBRATE FAMILY, which will run from September 9-23rd.  This blog party will feature ideas, testimonies, giveaways, and insights galore on all things FAMILY!  And it will be hosted by these four blogs (plus you!)

Please spread the word and join us by blogging about the Family Proclamation during the celebration in September.  (I have posted the link-up schedule at the bottom of this post.)

In honor of this upcoming event, I thought I'd share a little Family Proclamation-inspired activity that the kids and I are doing at home today.  I loved the idea in the current issue of Family Fun that encourages children to create their own original mini-works of art to use as trading cards.  I adapted that idea by directing my children to use their own depictions of familiar things in our family to be used as our own personalized game of "Go Fish!"

Since they are so young, I wrote the names of the items on each card.  I gave them four pre-trimmed index cards at a time and asked them to draw the following items on each card:  home, temple, Mom & Dad, baby, FHE, Family dinner, love...Then I added a few items that were specific to our family and that the kids would easily recognize:  Daddy's car, doggie (although we don't actually have one), Blankie, and so on.

(You might choose to make cards representing faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, wholesome recreational activities, or anything that illustrates those principles from the Family Proclamation.  Don't worry if your drawing doesn't meet your expectations...just try to make all four cards look alike as best you can!)

Scarlett did a pretty descent job for being only 4 years old.  I will have Guy draw a few when he gets home from school, and we'll plan on playing it tonight during Family Home Evening.  I think the kids are going to enjoy playing with a game that they created, and it will make learning about the Family Proclamation that much more personal and memorable.

Now here is the blog hop schedule for "CELEBRATE FAMILY"!
Please grab a button and play along!

Participate in our Monday and Thursday blog hops. Write a post about that day's topic and link to it on the official blog hop page. Here are the topics:
Monday, Sept. 12th – Family Mission Statements – Do you have a family mission statement? Not yet?  Well, write one and feel free to share it with us!
Thursday, Sept. 15th - Photo Essay:  Photos that "say" something about the Family Proclamation.
Monday, Sept. 19th – Family Home Evening (FHE) Lessons pertaining to some part of the Proclamation.
Thursday, Sept. 22nd – How the Proclamation has impacted your family personally. 

UPDATE:  My kids LOVED playing this game at FHE and want to play it every night!!
What a blast!


  1. What a great idea! My kids love to play Go Fish and we have a variety of cards to play with, but I think they would LOVE to play with cards they make themselves!

  2. I think Scarlett did a GREAT job! She's a budding artist, for sure.


  3. What a very fun idea for a blog hop. The ideas fun and I will do it perhaps on a Grandma area.
    Enjoy the moments!

  4. Fun idea. It seems we could have some interesting discussions while asking if someone has faith, patriotism, etc, while playing Fish! <3

  5. What a fun game. I am so excited to actually be able to play games for FHE... but maybe a simplified version of this could work for my antsy two year old! :)

  6. Joclyn, this is such a great idea! My son is always making up games and creating boards and pieces for them so this will be right up his alley.
    Scarlett's pictures are awesome!

  7. Grabbed your cute button! And I think I might be able to link up and post something (actually written by my husband - his insights on the Proclamation) on Sept 22nd.