Monday, August 22, 2011

If You Like Pina Coladas

The kids and I made a trip to Walmart today, just like we've done a thousand times before. But today, I realized that this would be our last one before Guy goes to school, so I snapped another picture as we left the store.  (I can't get enough of those grocery cart photos! ;)  

Who would have thought that I'd make such wonderful memories while grocery-shopping with my kids?  Or that I'd enjoy that time with them so much that I'd forever hate going alone!  These are my three entourage.  I rarely go anywhere without them.  

Even my husband asked me last night what I was crying about.  I told him that I am just mourning the end of an era.  Some of these tears are sad, but mostly they are happy.  They pay tribute to the 6 years that I have had alone with my babies...time that we have had to learn and grow and play together without very many interruptions from the world.  That is a blessing that few women are able to experience.  And I cry happy, thankful tears that I have.

I am not sad that Guy is going to school, although I will miss him!  I do not fear what awaits him, although I know from experience that life in general can be treacherous.  I do not fear because, Guy has been prepared to make good decisions and to explore and learn and care for others.  I can send him off with confidence, because I have, long ago, received my own personal answers about these next steps in our life together.  The answers were clear and undeniable and I recorded them clearly so that I could reference them as school approached.  

I love that the Lord cares enough about his children to answer even our most menial questions...but something tells me that questions of a mother about her child actually take high priority with God.  And I am thankful for that too.

It's back-to-school blessing time tonight at FHE...(Oh, and if you are wondering about the blog title on this post, we got caught in the rain last week, and I've had that song stuck in my head ever since.  I am convinced that there needs to be a mommy-version of that song to describe our every day moments!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I had these wallet-sized copies of our most recent family snapshot printed up at Walmart today...It only cost 68 cents for two of them, and I added the word "Always" to the bottom using their printing kiosk.  I plan to laminate them and attach them to the kids' backpacks where only they can see them...just as a little reminder that we love each other and that we are a forever family.


  1. Aw, bittersweet, I know. Cylas is going, too. Our boys aren't so little anymore. I really enjoy the conversations we have now. They are so cool and enlightening.
    I pray that my little boy, too, will make the right choices. Prayer and instruction have been my go-to these few months...

  2. You got me crying reading this!! My oldest is starting 1st and my middle is starting a 2 hour a day 4 day/week preschool. Which I know will be great for both of them and what they need to do, but why does it have to be so hard? And why today am I so annoyed by them? It just doesn't add up!! My 1st grader was bawling today saying she was going to miss reading time, slurpee time, etc. Thanks for writing this though. Our job is to get our kids to grow into normal and responsible people and I am just happy that they are sensitive.=)

  3. Welcome back! I hope you have a great evening!

  4. And a beautiful forever family! It is a hard step to let your little one grow up and move on, even this first step!!

  5. Oh, sweet! I love the family photo idea. And I love how you talk about your time as a family, learning without the world interfering... such a blessing!

  6. My boys are only in Pre-K this year, but I still had a good cry in the shower the other day thinking about how they are one step closer to Kinder, one step closer to graduation, one step closer to families of their own... *sniff!*

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about Guy starting school - they inspire me to spend more time bonding with my boys and teaching them what's really important - and more time in prayer looking for the strength to start letting go (just a little).

    Great idea about the backpack tags! Think I'm going to steal that one next year! :)

  7. Fabulous idea -- it's incredible how quickly they grow up. I wish so much I could protect them from the pain they face away from me... I like the idea of the pic to remind them of their sanctuary.

  8. I love the idea of a family pic in the kids' backpacks. You are such a neat mom, Jocelyn.