Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celebrate Family in September

It's that time again...time to celebrate The Family Proclamation through our annual series "Celebrate Family".  Last year, I was honored to team up with Montserrat of Chocolate On My Cranium to co-host this month-long celebration of family.  

This year, we are back at it, but we're being joined by two more bloggers:  Jaime of Welcome to the Madness, and Shannon of The Red Headed Hostess for a celebration that will take place from September 9-23 on all four blogs simultaneously.

Please join us for another amazing and uplifting conversation about the family.  We will feature guest posts, giveaways, and four link-up opportunities during the two-week celebration.  So please join us!

Here is an index of all of the posts in our "Celebrate Family" series from last year.  (Click on the post titles below to read each one.)  Catch up on the posts that you might have missed or reread your favorites...and get ready for more tips, free downloads, insights, and testimony about the Family coming in September.

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ

Guest Posts at We Talk of Christ

Promoting Measures that Strengthen the Family

Guest posts at:  Chocolate On My Cranium

How We Celebrate Family  by Deirdre and James
Family Proclamation Download  by Heather
What is Real  by Misty
My Savior Loves Me by Jaime
Families are Forever by Momza
Family Proclamation Photo Essay Blog Hop
Eternal Families by Allison
I'm a Big Fat Chicken by Steph
Hold My Hand by This Girl Loves to Talk
Rearing God's Heritage by Deanna
That's What Fathers Do by Braden
Music and the Family by Marilyn
Family Proclamation Craft or Activity Blog Hop
Cottage Cheese, Ketchup, and the Family Proclamation by America Jane
The Miracle of Adoption by Allison
Growing by Ryan
I Do Not Ask for the Easy Path, I Ask for the Necessary One byCharlotte
Parking Lots of Kids by Paul
Forgiveness by Esther
Sharing the Family Proclamation Blog Hop
Teaching Our Children to Love by Hannah
Hard Work and Independence by Shawni
Family Councils by Andalucy
Presiding in Love by Ken
Being a Mother by Sarah
You Are a Lioness at the Gate by Meg
Family Proclamation FHE Blog Hop
The Ties That Bind by Amber
8 Ways to Be the World's Greatest In-Laws by Michelle
Cher*ish by Sonja


  1. This will be wonderful. I look forward to reading the fabulous posts and participating this year!

  2. it is soon september, i'm hunting dead ancestors in iceland-fascinating culture...

  3. Yay! How fun that you're including The Red Headed Hostess this year. I love her! Some of my favorite blgogers - I can't wait to see what you have to share!

  4. I am so excited! You really host the BEST parties, you know.

  5. I am super excited! Last year was so fab...and it looks like this year will be even better;)

  6. Oh wow, this sounds so great!! I just heard about it from a friend & I'm excited to look through the posts from last year & this year!! I'd love to be involved somehow even next year, if I can be! Good for you ladies for getting this going!!

  7. Wow just found this tonight blog hopping. I would love to be involved next year also.... Please keep me in mind.But if its ok I will put the button on my blog. God Bless ♥