Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get Smart

My hair stylist Elaine is back from her mission, so happy hair-days are here again!!

I am calling this back-to-school look the "Get Smart" haircut.

(If you've checked out my hair board on Pinterest, you know where I got my inspiration!)

Has anyone reading this ever heard of Get Smart?  
(Lin, I know that you have!)

I used to work with a producer named Jack Lynn.  He showed me the ropes at CNN when I was first hired.  While I was there, they built a new newsroom and incorporated these listening chambers that controlled the sound while you viewed video clips.  Jack got such a kick out of these because they reminded him of The Cone of Silence from the TV show Get Smart.  And he was right, they looked identical.  He was always cracking jokes about the Cone of Silence, but none of us younguns had seen the show.  Shortly after that Jack died of throat cancer.  I miss him.  We all did.  He smoked too much and swore incessantly, and he'd chew you out if you screwed up, but we all adored him.  He was a good guy.

I am posting this video clip in memory of Jack today.  This one's for you buddy!

PS - Thank you for all of the wonderful advice on making a smooth transition into school days for the first time...keep it coming!!  If you have tips to share with me, please comment on my 'Owl Always Love You' post and you'll be entered into my giveaway at the same time!


  1. Adorable hair. I've been thinking about doing something like that too. I think it's now been solidified! It will happen!

  2. totally love the hair. It is smart and drop dead gorgeous!

  3. yep I've heard of Get Smart-there's some advantages to getting! Love your hair!

  4. Cute hair! You are beautiful as always.

  5. Get Smart was one of our favorite shows.

    And your hair looks cute!


  6. Love your do!
    I've heard of Get Smart, but never saw it or heard of the Cone of Silence. :)

  7. The cone of silence is such a classic. :) And I understand the connection to a hair stylist, I am not sure how I would handle it if my girl left for a year and a half!