Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Saw the Sign

Someone in our General Conference Book Club asked the rest of us what we think is the main message of President Monson's time as prophet of the church.  My first thought was service to others, rescuing the one, and an emphasis on goodness.  Then I remembered the wonderful themes found in his "inaugural" talk "Looking Back and Moving Forward" from the April 2008 General Conference.

The road signs above are visual aids that I used when I taught Relief Society one Sunday about this talk.  I didn't see all of the allusions to road signs that President Monson used in his address until I reread it in preparation for the lesson.  Then the imagery became very clear.  He was laying out a road map, specific to the conditions of our world today.

I enjoyed rereading the talk and thinking about why President Monson would be emphasizing these points to us, at this time. I thought perhaps you'd enjoy reading it again too.  If so, here's the link to his talk.  See if you can see which parts of the talk fit with which road sign...then maybe as you pass similar signs during your daily commute around town, you'll recall President Monson's words.


  1. LOVE the visuals. What a great way to teach. I may make it easier for FHE for the kiddos. Thanks.

  2. I remember teaching this in RS too! I placed road sign with instructions on them out in the hallways by the RS room. All warnings were different "Stop" "Danger" "Warning" etc. and at the bottom told the sisters to return the way they had come to the RS room. To start the lesson I made them all get up and 'stretch' their legs by walking out in the hallway. Some noticed the signs and some didn't. It was a great was to start the lesson! (And wake up the older sisters who had been sitting in the same seats for Sunday School)

  3. What a great visual! I'll bet that was a good lesson.


  4. thanks for the link, I could use some spiritual food this morning. I'm giving out 3 book of mormons to new cousins discovered in Iceland and on my trip.