Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooks

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I'd like to tell you about a new tradition that my family and I started today:  
Sunday Scrapbooks.

I bought some scrapbooks this week to start one for each of my kids.  After seeing how excited they were about the idea, I decided to let them make all of the pages themselves.  It also occurred to me that we should make this a weekly, SUNDAY ONLY activity.  Each Sunday, the children will have time to make one new page to add to their special scrapbooks.

The idea came to me as I was listening to a talk on "Building Positive Self Esteem" in your children (by Carleen Tanner).  I don't know very much about her, but this first talk that I listened to this week was really great.  

Today after church the children each created one scrapbook page for their books, and a tradition was born!

We created pages to remember an experience that we had last week, on Easter.  After church, we stopped off to check out the new lambs that had just been born.  We pass these sheep on the way to church each week, but had never stopped to look at them before.

The lambs were so sweet.  They just stared back at us, without a hint of fear.  When I moved the car further up the drive to get closer to them, they booked it back to their mamas.  Guy and Scarlett wondered why they ran away.  "We won't hurt you, sheep!!"  I explained to them that sheep only listen to the voice of their shepherd.  We aren't their shepherd, so they ran away from us.  Then we talked about why Christ is called The Good Shepherd, and that we should learn to listen to and obey His voice.

Today, we visited our little lambs again, and I took some photos with my phone.  We used these pictures to create our scrapbook pages.  The children arranged, cut, and glued everything.  Then I asked them to tell me about the pictures in their own words.  I wrote down what they said, and we added this to their pages.

In the future, we might make pages about things they do in school or at play, but it was nice to start off with a special experience like this, as it is my hope that they will begin to see all of their daily experiences with spiritual eyes.  Correction:  They already see things this way because of their innocent, childlike perspective.  It is my hope that they will remember the way they saw the world at ages, 2, 3, and 5, so that these lessons will return to their remembrance when they are ages 22, 23, 25 and beyond...

Oh, hey, how did this picture get in here?!!  
Just some side-effects of spending lots of time together this weekend 
to kick off the Month of Me!  

(I think I'm going to like this's Steve!)


  1. What a great idea for a wonderful Sunday afternoon! You sweet kiddos are very creative. :)

  2. Thats a great idea! I started scrapbooks for my boys when they were babies and never thought to let them make their own page! That's a wonderful Sunday activity too. I CONSTANTLY look for wholesome Sunday activities and this is an awesome one! It's like they're writin their own personal history with cool pics! How fun!

  3. I would love to hear that talk...where can i listen? Also a very cute idea. I think my boys would love to do something like that.

  4. what a fun important have a book to write to share with others although you're doing well sharing through your blog...

  5. This is a great Sunday activity! I think we may be starting this one pronto. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I think you should run a contest to see what people think Steve is REALLY thinking in that last pix. It oughta be funny...not sappy romantic.

  7. A) What a great idea. I know my kids would love to make their own pages; they've asked before, but sadly, I was too selfish and didn't want them 'wasting' 'MY' good scrapping stuff. Yikes.

    B) Oh my goodness, I've had the privilege of taking parenting classes from Carleen Tanner - I have a huge binder full of ideas and notes. She is amazing. I had no idea you could listen to her talks. Where can I find them? I could totally go for a refresher course.

  8. I am so inspired by you! Thank you for boldly sharing your testimony through your blog and for sharing your thoughts on motherhood. I love your insights on Shiz - I hope you're teaching sunday school or something! You RoCK! And I also loved your thoughts on your pilgrimage up to the service held at the cross. You really make me want to be more intentional about my family traditions, and it excites me to know it's possible! Question - do you homeschool? Do you share home schooling activities, too? My blog:
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. You always come up with the greatest ideas, and this is one of your best.



  10. What a fabulous idea! And what a memory to have, a tradition to continue and pass on! LOVE it! L-O-V-E it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm always so overwhelmed with the thought of scrapbooking, but I've felt so guilty about not getting it done. Yeah for you for giving me a way to alleviate the guilt!

    I want to be you when I grow up, Jocelyn. LOL!

  12. and a great tradition is born....fabulous...and I know you will get a lot more than just a kiss....**** LOL!!!!!

  13. Lucky Steve! And lucky you!

  14. What a fun idea! And way to use child labor to get the scrapbooking done ;)

  15. Love your idea! I'm actually a Creative Memories consultant. Feel free to check my page for scrapbooking supplies and papers, etc.