Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Japan: 私たちもあなたを愛して

My kids and I were so excited today to find a special envelope in our mailbox from Ishinomaki, Japan!  Here are our new friends Natuki, Saaya, Yuri, and Hiiro, showing off the backpacks that we sent them. I am so happy to see that they also received these beautiful quilts from someone special!  I had hoped to send blankets along with the backpacks, but was unable.  Teamwork rules!!  (Can you believe that The Sleepy Time Gal had originally hoped to get 30 boxes sent to Japan...and as of today her readers have sent nearly 700 boxes?!)

I truly believe that the Lord works in mysterious ways...and that out of everything tragic and troubling, He brings about beauty and growth and wisdom and charity and strength.  After all, what could be more devastating about the scene behind these girls?  And what could be more delightful than the looks of hope and happiness on their faces now?  A great example of the yin-yang of life.  He truly has the whole world in his hands!  

I hope that these girls will continue to shine brightly.  They are so special.  They are the future.  And they have a great light to share with the world around them.   

This picture makes me so happy!

We love you, girls!

We love the sweet notes and drawings that you sent!

Now to get someone to translate for me!
(Yuki, are you reading this?)

If you want to help out, go to: 


  1. This is so sweet! You guys are awesome.

  2. I hope you share the translation with all of us. This is so touching, and such a great experience for your kids!


  3. What an absolutely marvelous picture. I was immediately drawn to the expressions on their faces and the splash of color from the backpacks.