Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I will do my best not to let the disaster beat me."

My dear friend Yuki has provided me with a translation of the letters that we received from the girls in Japan yesterday.  

Here are their touching letters in English:

From Saya Yahata

Thank you for a lot of great gifts.
The flower bag pack is so cute and my favorite.
I wish I will do my best not to let the disaster beat me.
So please keep in touch and cheer me up.
Thank you.

From Natsuki Abe

We were damaged by earthquake and Tsunami.
I lost many my important things.
But I am happy now because I got lots of cute gifts from you.
I will treasure it. Thank you.


 From Yuri Shoji

Thank you for your lots of great gifts. I am happy very much.
Our house was damaged by Tsunami and water and mud covered all of our house.
Now we cleaned up first floor but still we need a lot of work.
And there are still many earthquake and it makes me so scared.
I really appreciate you because the gifts from you make me so happy and my fear is gone when I got them.
Thank you.

Yuki has started a disaster relief group for Japan here in my local area.  The blog can be found here.  She is selling handmade t-shirts to raise money for the people of Japan.  They come in all sizes, children through adult.  (I'm really drawn to #2!)  You can find out how to order here...or email her at


  1. Did I ever tell you about my "daughter" that lives in Japan? (she lived with us for a year) Anyway, it is a great thing to watch all of the things that are happening to help those in need. Thanks for the shirt link. I will be heading there right away.

  2. Such simple sweet expressions of thankfulness. Thanks for sharing the translations!

  3. That's great! My kids and I made some shirts to send to some kids in Japan. Thanks to your tip about Google translator, we were able to send a letter with it. I included our address. I hope we hear back from whoever gets the shirts. I think it would be an amazing lesson for the kids.

  4. Love those letters. What a treasure!

  5. Thanks for sharing these, Jocelyn. I loved reading them!