Friday, May 13, 2011

Art Party of Birthdays Past

Scarlett in her element.
I am getting ready to throw a "princess party" for Scarlett's birthday next week.  The last time I did a friend party for Scarlett was two years ago when she turned two.  Scarlett's love of art has been apparent to me since the first time she picked up a crayon.  So throwing an Art Party with her friends was a perfect fit.  I worked pretty hard on this party, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the party was a great excuse to buy lots of awesome art supplies for my kids, which we have used a lot, so the party kept on giving long after the presents were all unwrapped!  

I stayed up late every night leading up to the party making a special fabric birthday banner and making little aprons for each of the kids to take home.  Our birthday banner is a beloved decoration in our family that comes out for each family member's birthday.  And I love going to my friend's houses and seeing the kid aprons that I made hanging in their kitchens.  That always brings a big smile to my face!  Here are some elements from our art party:

Our Family Birthday Banner
The Art Party venue
Child-sized aprons for party favors
Making some chalk art...We also had sidewalk chalk in the driveway.
We had four easels borrowed from friends...for painting, crayons or chalk.
Finger-painting station.
Play dough station with cookie cutters.

Spray-paint station.  We mixed paint in water and put them in spray bottles.  The kids went to town on this sheet.

Brush painting station.  Note that the clothes line that once held the aprons is now a place to display finished artwork.

Scarlett turns four years old in four days.  My challenge?  To come up with a simple, meaningful, and equally special celebration for my little girl, our family and friends.

Here we go again...


  1. I LOVE this idea! We may be having an art party in a couple of years. Thanks!

  2. Jocelyn...that was such a great party! Jude still uses his apron. I can't believe how little they all look in these photos. Can't wait to see what you dream up for the princess party ;)

  3. you are very creative and I imagine all those little ones had a blast. Nice job Jocelyn.

  4. Love the art party! Good luck topping that one...Luckily she was little enough that the memories may be fuzzy. I am sure the Princess party is going to be amazing-can't wait to see the pictures. Happy early birthday Scarlett!
    (I know that Princess doesn't have to be capitalized, but it always seemed like a word that should to me so I am going to go with the big P...)

  5. What a FUN party! You are such an awesome mom. I was just thinking of something to do with all the Easter egg dye that was on clearance the other day... that spray paint sheet activity would be PERFECT! Also very messy, but very fun :)

  6. Super fun idea! What a great memory for her. Good luck finding your perfect idea for the next one. :)

  7. I love the idea behind this party. What a wonderful way to celebrate and a great memory!!

  8. This is an awesome birthday party idea! I always feel so overwhelmed by the extravagance of parties nowadays, but this is so creatively fun .... for children old and young (maybe I could have one for me on my birthday?)

  9. May is the best birthday month! Happy birthday to Scarlett. That party looks like so much fun.

  10. That looks like fun and work. I imagine as the kids get older it will be even more fun, less work. My daughter just did her 3 year old's birthday--based on a kitty party. She had cute little jewel boxes for the girls to decorate and take home. I love the craft idea for parties. They had a kitty cat pinata as well. So much fun.

  11. So cute! I'm totally keeping this in the back of my mind for future parties for my little artists!

  12. This party idea is awesome! (And I love your yard!) My kiddo who turns 4 in October is also a little artist - I think I'm going to have to do this idea for her! Do you have a pattern or tutorial for the aprons? I'm a total novice at sewing.

  13. That was so sweet! Talk about making memories; the children will remember this party for years to come.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.
    Blessings to you!

  14. What a colorful party. It looks like they all had a ball.

    Good luck with your next planning...


  15. I love the idea of the art party. Since you're doing a princess party next, I thought I'd share with you what I taught my son recently. I only have an 11 year old son, no daughters. But the subject of princesses have come up.

    We had to be up super early to leave for vacation on the day of the Royal Wedding. He thought Princess Katherine was beautiful. I saw a great opportunity for teaching. We discussed how Princesses hold themselves and how they know who they are. We came up with reasons that a Prince would want to date them and then marry them. I then reminded him that he is a Prince. That he can someday become a King and he is going to want a Princess who knows she can be a Queen. It was pretty cool. I wish all little kids out there could know who they are and who they can become.

    Have fun with the party.

  16. Wow, all four of my kids would be in heaven.... they LOVE art. I love the idea of the birthday banner :)

  17. You are so creative! Love this!