Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Well-loved Child

Some "experts" were on the Dr. Oz Show the other day discussing what should be done to curb childhood obesity in our country.  One doctor/administrator said, "There are only two things that change behavior:  money and fear."

Say what?

I wanted to laugh out loud at the entire scene of ignorance and short-sightedness that was being displayed by all involved:  the host, "the experts", the guests,and the audience.  It was truly the blind leading the blind.  But I couldn't bring myself to laugh, because it was all just too heartbreaking.

The good doctor seems to have forgotten about the strongest, most effective motivation for change, which is L-O-V-E.  To be fair, they all had the best of intentions.  I also realize that government institutions cannot say "Love is the answer."  They are expected instead to regulate and enforce.

But today, I am sure glad that there are still good human beings out there that understand that LOVE is the greatest force on earth.  

I sent my two oldest children to preschool this year.  It was a big first step for me as I transition into a new realm of Motherhood--a Mom of school-aged children!  All of the teachers have been amazing!  But Scarlett's teacher has really shown an outstanding example of loving those she teaches.  Actually, both of her teachers have had a big impact on my little girl.

From day one, she has simply glowed with love for each one of her students.  They could feel it.  I could feel it...and now, nine months later, I can see the results of her love:  a well-adjusted, well-rounded, happy little girl, who loves to learn, and who feels ready to experience her world. 

And to think, I almost didn't send her to preschool this year.

My friend Sue said this recently in a post about parenting,"A well-loved child is likely to become the person he or she was meant to be...a son or daughter of God who acts the part."

I am so thankful to the good teachers who have helped my son and daughter this year to discover who they are and to act well their part.

What a blessing!


  1. It really is a blessing to have teachers that love your children. It makes all the difference in the world as to how your kiddos school year goes. Happy Summer!

  2. Amen.

    Love, true love when given freely is a wonderful motivator and gives children (and adults) a sence of wellbeing.

    Wonderful reminder. (although my kids receive their love from their teacher at home! :D)

  3. I love what the teachers' shirts say. It is a darling design!

    Love does change the world. Love is not measurable on a treatment plan though or a doctor's chart. I guess it can be shown if the way a parent/care giver shows love is through food. In a science driven world most "experts" are driven by data. It is also so hard to teach appropriate love when love is defined so differently by so many different parents.

    That is the amazing thing about the love of Jesus Christ. He can guide us as parents to make changes in our behavior for the impact of good for our children. It is truly amazing like the teachers who taught Mr. Guy and Miss Scarlett, they have felt the love of the Savior and know how to appropriately share His love through them.

  4. btw - How is the month of Me going?

  5. Thanks, Wendy! You have said it just right!!

  6. My husband and I were talking along those lines last night - that the thing that "discipline" does not change behavior as effectively as teaching correct doctrine does. And the only way we can effectively teach is with love.

    For me, parenting is just that - teaching with love.

    I'm glad your kids had such a great preschool experience!

  7. Your kids are just the cutest! So glad your preschool year was a great one - we had a very similar experience with our boys this year. Thank goodness for loving teachers who care for our kids when we can't be with them! It really does take a village to raise a child, and I am so grateful for the caring, thoughtful people in our little village who have influenced my children (and me!)

  8. LOVE is so powerful! Changing things through money and fear is the easy way. Change through love is hard, hard work, but it is so rewarding. Great quote by Sue.

  9. I guess love and fear are just opposite ends of the same emotion spectrum, right? Poor Dr. Oz. No clue. ;)

  10. Your children have the happiest faces. They just glow.

    Well-loved, indeed.


    PS. And thanks for the link to my post!

  11. So so true. And thank goodness for teachers who love their students. My William was blessed with a fantastic Kindergarten teacher who just loved him. Makes such a difference!

  12. Wow! Fear and money being the motivators we should depend on ... what a sad commentary on what so many people believe about behavior.