Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three AWESOME Easter Activities for Children

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Here are three Easter activities that many of you have been asking me about!
You can find 30 More Christ-centered Easter Activities Here.

Easter All Week

I have received many emails asking about the Easter All Week printable that was created in part by my friend Rebecca Stay.  She allowed me to share this printable with you last year and the download links are here.  But for those of you who are having trouble downloading it, I have uploaded the pages again.  

Click on the pages below to download:

One correction: The first scripture reference for Tuesday should be Mark 11:20-13:37. 
Also for the cover, you can paste an Easter Pass-a-long card to the front!
Read more from Rebecca at Finding Christ in the Old Testament.

Resurrection Rolls

Resurrections rolls are so much fun to make (and eat) 
and they teach children the Easter story in a fun and tasty way. 
It only take five ingredients: butter, sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows, and store-bought cresent rolls in a can!  This is a wonderful hands-on object lesson for children.
Click here to get the recipe!


The Easter Egg Countdown that we did with the kids a few years ago is called


Each egg is filled with one item that helps tell the story of Christ's sacrifice.
Open one egg per day and read the scriptures that go with the symbol.

Click on each photo or link below to access the scriptures for each day.

Day 1 - The Sacrament a Symbol of His Sacrifice

Day 2 - Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

Day 3 - He drank the bitter cup

Day 4 - Arrested by a Soldier

Day 5 - Denied by His friends

Day 6 - A crown of thorns

Day 7 - They Cast Lots

Day 8 - Upon the Cross

Day 9 - Three Hours of Darkness

Day 10 - Christ's burial

Day 11 - The stone was rolled away

Day 12 - The Empty Tomb "He is Risen!"

Have fun!!


  1. I am so happy you posted the Easter Egg activity. I wanted to do it again this year.

  2. I remember these great activities from last year, a wonderful help to teach the little ones...

  3. Perfect! Because I am getting that ready for families that I love and want to have a special Easter! Thanks for the help. Now only if I had the patience to look for how to make a tie post.

  4. My grandkids called to tell me they are having fun with their resurrection plant. It keeps dying and coming back to life, again and again.

    (Not quite the message I had in mind, but they're loving it!)


  5. This is a wonderful way to teach the children of all of this event...nicely done.

  6. These Easter ideas are so great. You put together such good ideas and inspiration. Thank you for all the hard work. My family thanks you. :~)

  7. So glad I found this! Looking forward to using some of these ideas to make our Easter more Christ centered :)