Saturday, April 2, 2011

Handprint Lily: The Jesus Garden

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The Jesus Garden: an Easter Legend by Antoinette Bosco is an amazingly creative telling of the Passion of Christ from the point of view of nature.  This legend explains how the robin got his red breast, why the dogwood tree has cross-shaped blooms, how the morning glory got its name, and why the red-heart flower cries.  In the story, Jesus spends time in a quiet garden where he is beloved by all of the plants and creatures. When he is crucified, his garden friends mourn, and the robin even tries to come to his aid.  

The night that we read this story, the kids were kind of on edge.  After a series of dinnertime meltdowns, we sat the kids on our laps and read this story to them in a soft voice.  It really had a calming affect on them.  My children seemed to know instinctively where the story was going and their little imaginations seemed to be writing the story in their minds as I read.

Following the story, we made these hand-print lilies.

The children just loved them!

This is an incredibly easy craft, and fun for the kids 
who use their own hand prints to make the petals.

All you need is paper, pipe cleaners, scissors, and tape.

Find out how to make them here.

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  1. another thoughtful activity...I've seen these done at grandparents day at my grandkids school...but not with that intent.

  2. This book sounds like a winner, too.


  3. these are so pretty.I must make these with the girls for FHE on Monday when I'm at Billy's...thanks Jocelyn.

  4. this sounds like a totally wonderful book. Love the activity too. I might have to do this one with the grand kids!!

  5. We made those flowers a couple Sundays ago in Sunbeams!