Friday, April 8, 2011

Paper Plate Tombs

Like what you see?  You can find 30 more Christ-centered Easter Activities here!

We made these paper plate tombs to accompany our reading of "Easter In The Garden" by Pamela Kennedy.  This craft could not have been easier, and the children loved it!!

You will need:

Paper plates (I used the sturdy kind with a "lip".)
An image of Christ (I used the image found here.)
Brown scrap paper (paper bag) to crumple
Scissors & glue

Directions:  Cut one plate in half.  Then cut an "entrance" in one half.  Glue halves together.
Cut out Jesus and color if you'd like.  Glue into back of tomb.  Crumple brown paper and place in front of tomb entrance.

One of the really special things about this book is that it tells the story of Christ's death and resurrection from the perspective of a child.  As you can see from this picture, the topic of death, can be scary and make a child's world seem uncertain.  Because the main character is a child, the story speaks peace about the message of Easter to the youngest audiences.


  1. This is so cute and easy. Thanks for sharing! We will definitely try this. I have a hard time getting my 4-year-old to sit still for more than 2 minutes to do any crafts, but his teacher says he needs practice with he scissors so this will be perfect. That book looks adorable too.

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  3. Love the illustrations in the book! (and in the tombs, of course...)

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  5. that is an awesome visual aid.

  6. Oh my goodness, how do you come up with so many good ideas? I'm gonna have to try this with my kids

  7. Awesome post! I am going to send the link to my children; I think they would enjoy doing some of the projects.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

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  12. Great ideas! I love the Paper Plate Toombs and Assending to Christ Craft Project.  Our grandkids will love it! I have served in Primary for about 26 years of my 33 years of married life in every calling possible, Stake and Ward here in VA. Have a preschool edu background and so.....I love your simple and easy to understand preschool ideas for Easter!
    You have a wonderful website - I love your header, so keep up the good work, your website is a wonderful addition to Sugardoodles....I can tell you are very much on top of things~such great Latter-day Saint and mother!!! 
    Happy Easter to you and yours~Susan H.