Monday, April 11, 2011

He Took Our Sins Upon Him

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Jesus Christ was sinless and guiltless, yet he allowed himself to suffer for the sins of all mankind, so that we could become spotless through his merits and would not have to suffer for our mistakes, if we repent and call upon his name.

Isaiah tells us that "though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."

Here is an activity that we did with our children to illustrate the fact that Jesus Christ took upon himself our sins.  It's not a perfect example, but it makes these concepts a little more tangible.

Start with one white carnation.

Add about 20 drops of red food coloring to the water.


And wait.

(We shortened the stem to speed up the process and added extra dye.)

After about a week, your pure white carnation will gradually take on the color of your dye.

Like this...

We did this activity the day that we read "In The Garden" by Caralyn Buehner, and we all enjoyed watching our flower closely for changes.

Scarlett liked this book so much, she immediately asked me to read it again...a very nice read.

(I picked up the white carnations at my local grocery store...
You could run out and pick some up for FHE tonight!!)

TIP:  Cut the stems down to about 8 inches and the experiment will show results very quickly!

PS - You can find more neat Easter activities at Thriving Family magazine.
Thanks to my friend Kimberly (again) for floating this resource in my direction!


  1. that is so cool, I must do this with my girls...thank you sweety.

  2. interesting experiment, I thought it would turn pink. Effective visual aids.

  3. thanks for helping me pick FHE lesson for tonight, I had three lessons in mind then I read this, and is perfect! Thank you soooooo much!!!!! =D

  4. LOVE that! I'm going to get some carnations for FHE tonight! Love ya!

  5. Wow, that was an awesome example; thanks for sharing. Blessings to you! LeAnn

  6. I love this! What a great activity!

  7. Cool idea. And I think it works well!


  8. that is amazing!! i teach 2-6 yr olds and thats an awesome easy way to show that to my children on sunday.. CANT WAIT!

  9. when this was advertised at conference, i liked it. I was unaware that it took 1 full week. It would hav been nice to know that, i saved it for a lrg family gathering today. Now its not possioble to do this

  10. Sorry to hear that Finchronda!  The segment on TV did not allow for a lot of details.  However, if you'll note, there is a TIP on here saying that if you cut the stem to 8 inches you'll see results quickly...overnight actually, as we did when we did it this year.  Overnight is about as quickly as you can expect a plant to suck up water, but the change is gradual.  Happy Easter and I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced.  You might want to check some other experiments that take seconds to see results such as the one I did just on Friday.  I also like to sometimes try things out in advance so I know how best to conduct the lesson.  

  11. Does the water turn clear again as the flower turns red? I would love to do this with my preschool class......

  12. Wow!! Great illustration!!

    Lindsey @