Monday, April 18, 2011

Jesus Christ Ascending Craft

We made this craft of Christ ascending into heaven over the General Conference weekend with our friends who joined us for the Sunday morning session and brunch.

I didn't get the best picture of this craft, but it looks like this:

All you need to create this craft of Jesus ascending into heaven is:
a paper cup
a wooden star
scotch tape and glue
cotton balls
blue paper
an image of Christ

UPDATE:  The image we used is no longer available, but you can use this one.  Just copy and paste into a word document and size it accordingly.

It's pretty self-explanatory:  Cover your cup with the blue paper and add clouds using the cotton balls.  Print and cut out the image of Christ.  Poke a small hole in the bottom of the cup and flip upside-down.  Bring the string through the hole and tape the star on one end Christ on the other as shown.  Now when you pull the star up, Christ will appear to ascend into heaven (or the cup)!

The children had a lot of fun with this craft, of course!  It's very interactive.  We laughed that this can also demonstrate Christ "descending" from heaven like he did when visiting the Nephites in the Americas (his "other sheep") who he appeared to in his resurrected body after appearing to his Apostles in the old world.  If only we had a temple to depict this story more fully...enter Beau with his Bisquick box temple.  What a good sport and a good daddy!

We paired this Christ Ascending craft with the book "Three Days Without Light" by Timothy Robinson.  This is a good story for those already fairly familiar with the account in the Book of Mormon of Christ visiting his "other sheep", but the nice thing is that each page has the Book of Mormon scripture reference for you to read along with the story, if you so choose.

I love that we have more than the Bible to testify of the fact that Christ died for us and was resurrected.  From the Book of Mormon we learn that ALL of God's prophets knew and testified that Christ would come in the meridian of time to atone for the sins of the world.  

These two witnesses together, the Bible and the Book of Mormon, unite the testimony of two nations to further testify to us that He Lives.

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  1. yey....for creative minds and a good story.

  2. I see some books I may have to buy for my grandkiddies!

  3. Loved the craft and I have this book to read to my grandchildren.
    Sweet post and sweet picture of the children.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  4. That is so awesome! I am getting so much ideas from here...

  5. What a fun idea and that book looks wonderful. I will have to check it out. Thanks for your links and the shout out!

  6. Love this one. It looks like a great craft and a wonderful message.

  7. Fun idea and so weird that as I was randomly searching for lesson ideas I see a picture of Beau (a good friend from High school). Please tell him hello from T.Jay and Julie Robinson

  8. Absolutely amazing, what a great idea!  Thanks Jocelyn!

  9. The image of Christ is no longer available. :-(

    1. Thanks, Annie! I added another one to this post that you could potentially use if you'd like!