Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Gennifer" Conference...Here We Come!

We've been looking forward to "Gennifer" Conference for some time now!

(Yeah, that's what we call General Conference around here...Gennifer Conference!)

It's a term of endearment.

I cleaned the house yesterday (whew!) and this morning I printed out and gathered some items to help us all get the most out of Conference.

Here's what I've got:

A Conference Journal for moi!

(Who says the kids should have all the fun!)

Download it here and here.

Every time a scripture story is mentioned that is on our wall, they can tape the speaker's photo to the appropriate picture on our wall....and maybe there's a candy prize involved!

Candy dots for the kids.

Items hidden in our wheat box for the children to find.

These items are some of the prophet's favorite things!

But you know who is REALLY prepared?  My friend Jacquie who just showed up a day early for our Jennifer Conference brunch with breakfast casserole in hand.

We're kind of psyched about listening to the prophets around here...can you tell???


  1. thanks for the reminder, I can still watch the afternoon Sat general conference today...

  2. What a beautiful picture of you at the top!!! You should make that your self-portrait on the photo blog!
    I love that Gennifer Conference wall. What a great idea. We'll have to do that some time.


  3. What a cute idea...a conference wall!


  4. I love your ideas. And I love the way that you have made it a fun time for your children. They will not forget that.

  5. I love your GC wall! Cute idea! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & ideas.

  6. I love your wall! We are all ready for Sunday conference, can't wait to hear what our dear prophet has to say =D