Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Show Me Your Stuff!

Here is a journal that my friend Cindy made for The Write It Out her choice of material. I'd love to see and showcase more of your finished journals. Drop me a line with a link so I can highlight your work.

We are up to 83 journals currently being made for the project.

100 is just around the corner...will you help me recruit more service boot campers?

Here is fellow Boot Camper Cindy working at her dining room table.
The Internet is amazing, isn't it?
To think of all of the good that we can do together, yet separately, in our own little homes.
It's wonderful.

I feel like saying, Cindy, please pass me the scissors!

(Now I feel like saying, Romper, stomper, bomper, boo!)

Also, in my highly-medicated haze yesterday (I have a pretty bad cold), I fell for a lame email phishing scam. If you happen to receive an email from "me" with an offer that is too good to be true...It is. Just delete!

Now what was I just saying about how awesome the WWW is???
So. Lame.

Oh, here are a few more finished journals:

I'm liking the batik fabric
by my friend Jenn.
She's majorly busy and still made time to sew for this great project!

And then there's my girl Marie,
who has made like a ton of these journals!
I was at her house last night, in fact, helping (a tiny bit)...tissues in hand.


  1. Hello Jocelyn, You have a very nice blog here! Have you seen the many testimonies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at God bless.

  2. Hmmm . . .I'm struggling with that cold too. Maybe we caught it from each other over cyberspace? :) It's neat to see the journals of others!

  3. I just posted a pic of mine on my blog. Go check it out.

  4. Those are completely awesome. I have not jumped on the journal bandwagon yet. Glad it is going well!!

  5. These journals would be great to make for Christmas gifts. I have a sewing machine I haven't used for about 7 years now, I think I need to get it out of the closet.