Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Father's Day Book For Children

I am completely in love with this book.

It is a story about a baby bunny, whose family is imagining what he will be when he grows up.

All along, the bunny knows just what he wants to be....but it is not till the end...

...that we realize that he wants to be a "daddy rabbit" who feeds, and chases, and tickles his many children...then tucks them into bed.

I really appreciate that the baby bunny values being a father above any of the other wonderful professions that he could someday take on. It is a sweet, sweet story.

This post is dedicated to my father who is celebrating a birthday today.
I love you, Daddy!
Thank you for being the best kind of Father to me.

Here are two photos of my Dad that just say it all for me.


  1. Jocelyn, I was smiling as I saw the picture of this book...this book is a very old book. I had this book when my kids were small...that was over 30 yrs. ago. It is a very good and fun book. We had the entire collection of this series of "A little golden books". We had over 100 books with great messages that taught children great moral values. Kids sure don't read good books anymore like we did yrs. ago...books that teach good ethics & great moral values.

  2. that me??? another great photo. Feel free to make me a disk some time...although I know you are super busy.

  3. sweet post, you do have a great father...

  4. Those photos of your dad are great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome book! and great tribute to your dad! I love Richard Scarry books...we have a bunch.

  6. I love it, the book and the pictures of your dad. I think I might need to track down that book.