Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

Do you celebrate May Day?

Well, you should. Among other things, it's a day to give and receive flowers.

Thanks to my Mom's persistent reminders, I finally received some May Day flowers this year from my husband. These English Daisies are perennial, so they'll bring a smile to my face year after year.

Have you received many flowers in your lifetime?

I have received a few, and they have all been pretty memorable.

One of the most memorable times that I received flowers was when I was an exchange student in Sheffield, England. I had an admirer--a boy who was much younger than me. One day he arrived at school with a bouquet of flowers for ME! How sweet! I noticed that some were real and some were plastic and most of them had dirt on them. Finally, one of his classmates spilled the beans that he had picked the flowers off of graves in the cemetery on the way to school! To spare him further teasing by his peers, I hugged my bouquet and raved about how beautiful they were. He looked proud and relieved! Now that is a bouquet I will never forget!

What is the most memorable bouquet you ever received or gave to someone else?


  1. probably when my last son was born, my husband brought me roses.

  2. Lovin' your blog!!

    The most memorable ones were my last ones I received, 18 months ago when my son was born. I love that I don't always get flowers, it does make it memorable.

    I was home from the hospital and had just sat down to nurse the baby. It was the 4th day, so nothing was really put together. I saw my SIL's flower shop van drive by so I told my husband. I also said, "Ahh...that's so sweet, who's getting flowers I wonder...and why?" Then I see the van back up, I hollered to DH asking if he'd come get the door. He said he couldn't, since he was busy. I tried telling him, "but I have the thin overnight nursing bra on, an old ratty shirt, and the super thick hospital nursing pads...please?" He said no again, darnit!

    I get up to get the door and the flowers were AMAZING!! As I was walking them into the kitchen I said, "awesome who is giving us flowers?" Hubby kept his mouth shut (because he was busy...) and waited for me to read the card...they were from him!! The little sneak!

  3. On my wedding day. I was waiting out front of the Salt Lake Temple for my husband so we could take pictures. I had a bouquet of fake flowers (it was the dead of winter and snowing!). My husband walked up with a beautiful bouquet of bright red roses to use instead. My aunt dried them for me to keep.

    I LOVE daisies...all varieties.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love those little daisies! What a beautiful gift.

    I have been extremely lucky - my DH has "surprised" me with a bouquet of flowers (some bought, some picked) every month on our anniversary day. I sure love him :)

  5. After my last child was born, who is now 7 months old, we had just arrived home and someone knocked on the door and had a huge basket of flowers with a teddy bear inside. I kept on asking my husband if it came from him. He said it didn't but I didn't believe him. I think he got a little frustrated with me "insisting" that it came from him. It turned out it was from some of the ladies from his work.

    I love spring and the flowers it brings!

    By the way, what a way to receive flowers, from the dead!

  6. I haven't been given very many flowers in my time but there was this one time when my at the time boyfriend who is now my husband gave me a single lavender rose for V-day. With it was a handmade card. All my roomates received a dozen red, pink, or yellow roses. I got one lavender rose. But its my favorite color and I loved it. Mostly because he took the time to make a card. None of the other girls got cards.
    The color Lavender for a rose means "love at first sight".