Thursday, May 20, 2010

100 Journals for The Write It Out Project

We now have 100 journals pledged for the Write It Out Project!

Nice job, everyone!

Memorial Day is our goal to finish them all...and June 1st I will announce the winners of our Giveaway! Email me at, and I will tell you where to mail your journals.

(Thanks Monica for sharing this picture of your patriotic journals with us!)

I have another great development to share with you:

We received a very generous donation from Old Trail Fabric yesterday --enough fabric to make 100 more journals. My friend Marie has decided that when she is finished sewing for The Write It Out Project, she will start a similar project here locally for various great causes. So the donated fabric will be used to help people locally as well. Isn't it great how the good works of others multiplies and inspires more good?

Thank you, Old Trail Fabric!

To shop Old Trail Fabric online: Just Click Here.
You can also visit them at 3314 Old Trail (behind Aldi's) in Shamokin Dam.


  1. wonderful. can we visit this place as well as the ribbon store next time I come?

  2. Love those three journals at the top of the post. Nice bright colors.

  3. way to go and be an influence for good. I thought about participating but have been fighting the stomach flu and keeping busy trying to feel better.

  4. How amazing! Are you sick of me saying thank you? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  5. You guys are working very hard at this wonderful project. Congrats!!! and continue the great job.