Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bandanna Shirt: No Sewing Required!

I took a small break from sewing journals for Service Boot Camp this afternoon to make these special no-sew bandanna shirts for my little G.I. Joe and G.I. Janes!

Here's how you make these No-Sew Bandanna Shirts.

(2) 20 inch bandannas per shirt
fabric scissors


Lay out two bandannas with wrong sides together.
Begin by cutting 2 1/2 inch squares out of the top right and left sides. (Cut through both layers.)
Discard the cuttings. Measure your child's neck area to determine how long your neckline should be. Next cut 2 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch strips (maybe 5 or so) and "scoop the neck" to the desired neckline length and depth. See picture below.

Leaving enough space for a sleeve, begin cutting 2 1/2 inch deep strips (3/4 wide) all the way down the length of the garment.

Proceed to double-knot the two pieces together, careful not to inadvertently miss a strip.

When you are finished, you should have something like this!

PS - My son complained that his shirt was itchy, but after I wash it, I don't expect that to be a problem! Just a heads up...


  1. Oh my!!!! these tops are adorable...another great project for my girls and me to make...they are too cute.


  2. How cute is this?! Uh, really really cute!
    This would definitely be a fun project for the young'uns and I to do. Very very clever ;D

  3. what a fun idea. You are so CREATIVE!

  4. Those are totally cute. I could see my nine-year-old daughter going crazy with that because she make it completely by herself!