Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Beautiful Journals!


(Journals by Montserrat at Chocolate On My Cranium)

(...and this one by Elizabeth at Twelve Crafts till Christmas)

The awesome journals just keep coming!

Remember: Every single journal will mean something special to the recipient.
So don't wimp out just because you think that your contribution is too small or won't matter.
You matter.
You make a big difference in the lives of others!

Carry on Boot Campers...You've still got time to finish up your journals before Monday!

PS - To answer Melody's question about who Guy gets his left-handedness from, me or hubby...Well, neither of us is a lefty...Guy gets it from his paternal grandfather.


  1. More beautiful Journals love them especially the pink one.
    Loving the bandana shirts too what acute idea Thinking it won't fit Becky though LOL
    But the kids look so cute even if Guys was itchy he's still so cute.

  2. Wow . . . way to go Chocolate on my Cranium! That's an impressive turnout, and I love that middle one with the pink whirly flowers.