Friday, January 24, 2020

we're all in this together

I think of Laman and Lemuel as representative of "The Natural Man" and Nephi and Sam as the Spiritual Man or Woman who has tamed their inner self-centeredness. Guys, we've got both "characters" living inside each one of us. And as I'm learning, painfully so, we've got both living in our families as logically follows. We are all struggling to make our Spirit dominant over our natural tendencies as human beings to harden our hearts against things that are meant for our good. My daughter wrote this note to me this morning, and it was a good reminder that we truly are "all in this together". Our individual families and our entire human family. We are on the journey of a lifetime to return to our heavenly home. Lehi's family is a great example to me in the struggle that is raising a family! I hope to do my best and to remember that this is a team effort!  We want everyone to return and to return with honor. And we want to show love, regardless.


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