Sunday, January 26, 2020

Children and Youth (AND Mom) Goals

How are you kids doing on their Children and Youth Goals?

We're getting a slow start but when my child shows an interest in learning something I try my best to jump on it, like the Sunday afternoon I spent with Honor "sewing" this doll. (It was a kit she got for Christmas). 

Can you see the pride in her face? She is beaming. I remember that feeling as I did my personal progress as a teen and I want my kids to experience that joy as well. It brings with it a lot of self-confidence!

One way I try to keep tabs on their goals is to meet with each child on just about every other Sunday to check in on their progress and brainstorm things they can do to make progress that week.

Another thing I am doing is trying to work on my own goals.

So far this year, my kids have witnessed me working on my goal to crochet, read for pleasure, and become more physically fit.

I have always been a goal-setter but I'm excited to focus on some goals this year that will help BOTH me and my family!

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