Thursday, January 30, 2020

Standing by the witnesses we have already received

I was just perusing the February 2020 Ensign and these dates struck me.  

It was three years after the First Vision until Joseph Smith had another heavenly visitor.  Three years for him to stand alone with his testimony before getting another visit. 

Then it was four years after that until he could actually aquire the plates, and ten whole years from the first vision until the publication of the Book of Mormon and the organization of the Church.  

What strikes me is that we often have to stand by our testimonies holding on to the witness we have been given, standing in the face of doubts and opposition before further witnesses come or before anything physical comes of our faith. 

Are we willing to stand by the witnesses we already have today as we wait for more assurances to come in our personal lives? 

Joseph Smith continues to be a humble example to me. 

Also I love the Palmyra Temple and the experiences I have had there!


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