Friday, October 4, 2019

Apostles Stickers & Vision Boards

Good morning, friends!

It's Friday morning of General Conference week, and I'm exhausted from running around yesterday trying to "get stuff done", so that means it's time for me to slow down and rest so I can be re-energized for Conference this weekend.

I am happy that the spirit guided me to these two activities for my kids to do before, during, and after General Conference.

The first activity is to be started BEFORE CONFERENCE.  

I made stickers of the apostles (and the three female auxilliary presidents) for the kids to use in their notetaking notebooks this time around.  However, I want them to do a little work beforehand so I left off the names.  This activity requires them to use our Apostles name board (pictured above) to write the correct names on each sticker. That's it!  Then they can use their prepared stickers during the sessions and not have to ask "what's his name??"  And they'll hopefully be better prepared.

I shared the apostle stickers HEREHERE.  There are two pages.  You can print them on 2x4 mailing labels OR just print them on regular paper or card stock to cut out and glue or tape on.

The booklet is a "bare book" that I bought at Target in the $3 aisle.

And the second activity is from the new Child & Youth program.  As I was wandering around Walmart yesterday, the image from the videos we saw on Sunday popped into my mind of children creating "vision posters" of ways they want to grow physically, spiritually, socially, and intellectually.

So I thought let's listen for promptings on how we can each grow in those areas while we watch General Conference this time around.

I asked them to just "start" their posters, so they could fill them out during conference, but Honor's excitement for writing just could not be contained.  She promised me that she still has room to write this weekend!

She also told me, "Mom, I just love drawing a picture of it (my goals) because I don't have to use my imagination about it anymore, it's like it's real!"

Every time we do General Conference, our approach to it looks a little different.  It makes things fresh & fun and useful as we can immediately start applying the things of General Conference to our lives NOW!


Fall is here.  General Conference is almost here.

My floors are not clean and probably will not get cleaned, but the things I think are most important are done.

So, let's go!

If you're looking for some last-minute ways to engage your kids this weekend during Conference, please check out my General Conference Ideas Page!

Have fun!


  1. how fun and great that you are sharing...the new program for youth sounds great even for us retirees!

  2. oh my gosh these photos!! so precious!!!