Friday, January 24, 2020

Exploring Differences at #FHE

During #FHE tonight we explored differences, different abilities, disabilities, different ethnicities, races, religions, etc. And that some disabilities are harder to see. We talked about what makes us different and what commonalities we all share. Namely that we are all Children of God. 

We sang "I'll walk with you" from the Children's Songbook. We watched a few videos from YouTube from a guy who interviews people with different abilities. We learned from the way he spoke to his interviewees with love and genuine interest.  We role-played making friends with people who are different from us and how we might defend others given different social situations.

We talked about my Uncle Johnny who spent a lot of his life befriending people in wheelchairs. At his funeral a line of people in wheelchairs braved the frigid, icy January weather to pay their respects at his casket.  

We want our kids to have many people stand up when their lives are finished to testify that they were a friend to those who felt different or left out. It was a good lesson, and I'm grateful my Bro-in-law was here because my kids acted and participated better! 

In the pictures we were doing various physical challenges to introduce the idea of differing physical strengths and abilities (like doing a tripod or balance on one leg).

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