Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New Mid-week Activities

These girls are off to church activities this evening....the first time for Honor. She's a little excited! Autumn is moving up to the Young Women's program with Scarlett and by the time Scarlett is a Senior in HS, all three girls will be in YW together. I love that they can support and mentor one another along their journey. Love my good and happy girls!

I also love the great deal of care the Activity Days leader (I know it's called Primary Activities leader now) has done and continues to do for our girls!

This week Honor came home with a poster of her name symbol in Chinese. Then I realized it was just that her name is the word Honor...not that each girl got one of their name. But I wouldn't have been surprised if they had done that!

But what I'm most impressed with is that she really ties everything back to a spiritual teaching. When they celebrated Chinese New Year she taught them about our "worldwide church" and some how connected it to missionaries serving from our Ward in counties where Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Anyway, I'm super grateful for people who out their heart into their callings. So thank you!!!!  No effort is wasted to the parents of the kids you teach!!


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