Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We had a wonderful Easter season...We really enjoyed "being like bunnies!"  I made sure to tell my children when they were being helpful or good like bunnies and praise them for it.  It was easy to remember to look for the good in my kids because Scarlett wrote "be like a bunny" on a little sign and hung it on the wall.  So sweet.  And they were sweet, helpful, wonderful bunnies.

So now with Conference over and Easter past (we had a wonderful trip to visit family), I'm cleaning up the aftermath of celebrating and crafting and learning together. 

Honestly, I'm not quite ready to say good-bye to my bunny decor, but I managed to freshen up our "General Conference Wall" which changes with the various seasons and holidays.  It's now transitioning into a Family History Wall and letter-writing station.  (You can click on the photo above if you want to know more about any of the things on our wall.)

Anyway, I'm just laughing right now about how often "whirlwind" was mentioned by speakers during Conference, because my kitchen (which is really my workroom) sure looks like a whirlwind hit it!!  So although that corner in the photo looks nice, you don't want to see what my counters look like at the moment.  My tiny "office" just exploded or imploded.  I am working on getting organized again, because the end of school and summer will be another whirlwind, I'm sure.

I helped Autumn register for Kindergarten today, and shed a few tears about it last night.  Why does this life move so fast?  Just another reminder, I guess, along with the gray hairs that creep in, that this life is not our ultimate destination.  Time keeps moving on...

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