Saturday, April 5, 2014

General Conference Note-taking Banner

Every morning for a week now, Autumn has come into my bedroom announcing the number of days left until General Conference.  Today, she pounced on me and said, "Today is THE DAY!  It's time for General Conference!"  

So, at 6:30am this morning we were up getting ready(ier) for Conference.

Luckily, while I was at Michael's yesterday, I spotted this neat chalk board banner set. 

When I saw it, I thought, "I can use this somehow!"

So, in the morning, using chalkboard markers, the kids made a banner that reads "We love General Conference."

As we listen to the apostles, we write their teachings on our banner.  Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, we will have a banner declaring the most recent teachings of our church leaders.

Since it's erasable, we could potentially use this banner over the years, but you could easily make a similar banner using construction paper or card stock and yarn.

Another note-taking game we have going on this weekend is below.
We are listening carefully for any of the scriptures that we have memorized together as a family.  If any of those scriptures are referenced during a talk, then we write it down on this poster.  It's so fun for the children to recognize their memorized scriptures during General Conference!  We also count teachings of the prophets that we have memorized.  So far we have heard two!

The first is the "theme" of this blog, and the second was a reference to President Monson's teaching from last General Conference.

When Elder Andersen started elaborating on exactly how enduring storms helps strengthen trees, my kids enthusiastically and loudly chimed in with pride, yelling out "The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees!!

We all laughed and in that moment, I felt a lot of love for Elder Andersen.  So thankful for living prophets!

You can still download a free General Conference Doodle Book here.


  1. We've just been starting to work with the kids on memorizing some scriptures! I love seeing how this has helped your family feel connected with our leaders during Conference, definitely looking forward to blessings like that!

  2. I'm going to try conference bingo with my grands tomorrow...wish me luck-I have prizes organized to munch on.

  3. I really enjoy your wonderful ideas. Thank you for taking so much time to share them all. It was only today that I noticed your Bloggonaries list. One particular missionary blog caught my eye with the phrase 'Down Under' included in the title. As it turns out, the author of the blog Elder Reeder served in my ward. I think he has now returned home, but once again I was reminded of how 'small' the world is!

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  5. I love the doodle books and the banner and just everything about this! :)

    1. The banner is still hanging in our kitchen with little reminders of conference on it!